Thursday, April 2, 2015


We had a really incredible view of the sun in the morning out our window last week. I don't really have an explanation for this at all. I was really scared at first because Hermana Smoot had an apocalypse dream she was telling me about before I saw this.

I took a bunch of selfies on the night of my 18th month mark while lying in bed and on P-day I decided to draw them and this is what happened ...they are really funny. I think they're hilarious.

My companion Hermana Smoot being funny.
Cute squirrel!
We attended the Nauvoo temple with a spanish group.
Sunrise before a storm came through.

Saying goodbyes at church to my two favorite ladies who are really great friends but don't speak each other's language. It's so cute!

This is our singles FHE group we do every week at Sister Pools' apartment. It's fun!

Tuesday March 31st was the departing missionaries last trip to the Nauvoo Temple before going home. This is me with President and Sister Jensen.
The departing missionaries gathering outside the temple.
My mission president --Pres Jensen and his wife--take the missionaries on their last trip to the temple before they head home. The elders are the AP's
The Nauvoo Illinois Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 
My MTC companion, Sister Pierce, and now we are both going home!
The departing sister missionaries pose in front of the Nauvoo temple.  
My last time going to the temple as a sister missionary serving in the Iowa Des Moines Mission.
one last look....

We all had dinner at Los Tapatios in Keokuk, Iowa after the temple session. Delicious!

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