Monday, March 9, 2015

2015 March 9th letter from Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

I had my interview to end all interviews with President Jensen yesterday after Stake Conference Sunday session in Nauvoo.  He doesn't have time to interview 17 missionaries in the mission home so he is trying to get them done as he can throughout this last transfer.  I just happened to get the first one that is 5 weeks before I even leave.  I'm trying to not think about it too much because it's making me "trunky."  The word trunky is commonly used by missionaries when they start thinking about the end of their mission and going home; aka they're packing their trunk or suitcase already in their minds.  I love my mission and I'm trying not to be distracted with what little time I have left and focus on being a missionary while I still can in this same way.  I love it and I love the people we teach.  I love being able to be last minute called to teach the entire hour of relief society by myself and have enough information juggling around in my head that I don't need much preparation time just the Spirit in order to do a decent job teaching.  Same goes with giving talks.  Which I was asked to do this next coming Sunday on the top of Conversion.  MY FAVORITE!

I just barely finished reading the book of Mormon for the 9th time as a missionary and Jesus the Christ for the 2nd time as a missionary this past week.  All my companions know that I love deep doctrine and I love reading the scriptures.  It is exciting and there is so much in there to know and to learn that you can never stop learning and everyone else should be excited about it too, but they're not because they're dumb.  The scriptures teach the truth, TV teaches lies.  You should probably start reading scriptures just as much as you watch TV.  You'll be a lot happier and you'll reach such a spiritual high that you won't know what to do with yourself.  I love it more than anything except the obvious, God, Jesus Christ answers.

Neat insight I found in the chapters of Isaiah in the Bible.  One of the signs of the second coming of Jesus Christ is that the sun will grow 7 TIMES IT'S CURRENT SIZE.  That's a little bit scary, but I'm glad that God will make it REALLY obvious for those of us who are waiting for it and not following after false Christ's that can't do things nearly as cool as that.  We'll all have to live in cool caves in the bottom of the mountains and wear protective sun glasses.  Who knows.

This past week we weren't able to teach our investigator Ian because he was admitted to the ER.  they don't know what is wrong with him so they released him and we have been praying for him and trying to do our best to help him.  We also have been teaching Catherine from Guatemala. Helping her learn English and teach her about the church at the same time.  We have a huge list of people we have met recently and are hoping we can teach in the future.  Everything is moving forward and we always stay busy and we get to teach quite a bit.  I enjoy serving in Mount Pleasant.  It's smaller than my last area but has a lot more going on and it has to do with the attitude of the members and how willing they are to do missionary work. They give us assignments and follow up with us on a regular basis.  It's funny. But awesome!

We had Stake Conference in Nauvoo this past weekend and Hermana Smoot was really thankful that she could just watch and listen since they didn't end up needing her to translate the entire 4 hours of conference into Spanish.  The visiting general authority, who is going to speak at General Conference in April in the Saturday afternoon session, was Elder Dale G. Renlund.  He was a great speaker and helped us to learn how important Ward, Branch and family counsels are to the progression of the church on Earth.  how they operate out of love and how important constant communication is and how it will change lives and alter the course of the future of other people and our family members.

We were last minute invited to a pot luck lunch in a building in old Nauvoo with other members of our branch.  I was VERY grateful for that.  Not just because it was good, but because if they didn't invite us, my 24 hour fast would have become a 27 hour fast until we got back home with our ride to Mt. Pleasant.  Wasn't so sure I was going to make it!  But God loves his missionaries.  "open your mouths and they shall be fed."

I love hearing from all of you and I'm really grateful for all the friendships that I have made before and during my mission.  I can feel the love and support all the time.  I guess I hadn't realized how many of my friends and family actually cared to read my blog every week.  Thank you all and I love you.

great church jokes that my Grandma just emailed me today:

Missionary at door: “Good day, sir. My friend and I have come over 8,000 miles just to see you and deliver to you a message of great importance.”
Mister: “Is that so? Then why have I seen you going to every door in the neighborhood?”
Missionary: “We didn’t know where to find you.”

“To be or not to be, that is the question”, is a real Shakespearian attitude about missionary service. The Lord says “Do It”.

If you're not LDS, you belong to a non-prophet organization.

Sister Robertson

p.s.  if any of you want a good book to read that proves that the church is true read A Marvelous Work and a Wonder and be mind blown.
You'll finish one chapter and look up and say "The church is true!"  like I do every morning to my companion.  

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