Thursday, March 5, 2015

2015 March 2nd letter

Last week was really busy.  Hermana Loureiro was getting ready to leave home.  Our mission president gives departing missionaries Monday through Wednesday as a P-day to pack, clean and visit whomever they wish in their areas. Transfer meeting was over 4 and a half hours long which is twice is long as it normally is.  31 missionaries were leaving to go back home (as part of the wave of missionaries finally headed home) and all of them had to give their departing testimonies at the meeting.  The testimonies finally ended after 2 hours and 15 minutes.  Talk about painful to sit through.  Hermana Loureiro's testimony was so funny that she had everyone in the building busting up into laughing, but delivered a really spiritually filling lesson at the same time. I honestly wish I had recorded it on video.  I really miss that girl already.  I got to stay in Mt. Pleasant and get a new Spanish speaking sister named Hermana Smoot from Centerville, Utah.  She is really nice and fun to talk to and I'm excited to spend my final transfer with her. 

All our investigators are on a stand still because everyone keeps getting sick.  But the Arguetas, a member family from Guatemala, brought one of their friends to the States named Catherine.  We are helping her learn English as a service project but she told us that she wants to come to the Church and learn about it from us too.  So she is now a new investigator!  She is really sweet and I'm excited to become better friends with her and help her.

Our church meeting was also cancelled yesterday.  Mt Pleasant branch covers a lot of really small outlying towns and if it snows at all they cancel church because people won't show up to fulfill their callings if it snows out there. We have Swedesburg, Winfield, New London, Mt Union, Trenton, Rome and Salem and other towns in our boundaries.  We frequently drive out to them in our truck which I'm FINALLY Senior companion now for the FIRST time in my mission and I finally get to drive the new truck!  It's fun to put it in four wheel drive in the snow. 

Nauvoo Stake Conference is this weekend and a member wants us to go to the temple with her on Saturday as well.  It's going to be a good weekend. I'm looking forward to it.

There really isn't anything else to update you on.  Nothing really happening other than what I've already written.  Wish I had a good joke or something, but I don't.  When you've been a missionary for this long you forget everything you knew before.  Can't remember movies or jokes anymore.  You start calling up other missionaries to see if they remember any good ones.

In one of my studies I came to the conclusion that when we are all resurrected and placed in the Celestial Kingdom that we won't be smelly anymore.  This is something I have prayed unto the Lord diligently to understand.  I'm not joking.  No unclean thing can dwell with God so there are no gross smells.  Also I was reading in Daniel when they get thrown into the fire and when they brought them out it talks about how the smell of fire wasn't on them or their clothes.  If transfigured beings don't smell bad, then I'm pretty sure we won't when we are resurrected right?  Well, I hope so.  I want to be clean forever and never have to shower again either.  We don't' have all the answers or details, but I guess what I want you to get from this is that the scriptures answer questions that you never thought it did.  So keep studying them.  There are awesome random things in there.  

God already answered your prayers and put answers to life's questions in big books called scriptures. WOW!  Exercise your faith and read it.  If the answer is already in the scriptures God will not repeat Himself just for you.  There are too many of you and too many questions.  I'm sure it gets old really fast even though He loves us.  

Sister Robertson

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