Monday, March 23, 2015

2015 March 23 letter from Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

This past week has been really busy, but it has gone by really fast.  We had a lot on our plate and we were able to find a few new investigators and potential investigators that are pretty decent and I'm excited to teach them and get to know them a lot better this coming week.   We even had our Guatemalan investigator come to church all three hours yesterday and we were so proud of her and happy to see her there even if she doesn't understand everything going on quite yet.  She has a lot of faith and courage.  We really love her.  She is 22 years old and trying to live here for a few months to learn English so she can return to Guatemala and get a better job.  She is awesome.

We got the chance to go down to clean the Nauvoo Temple Thursday night with two members of the Branch.  I snagged vacuuming the endowment ordinance rooms.  It is my favorite thing to do and they have the most beautiful paintings in them that are really dear to my heart.  I just vacuum and sit there and look at them.  Wish I could paint like that!  Maybe one day.  The hardest part is getting back at midnight and waking up at 6 the next morning to drive all the way back to Nauvoo (one hour drive from Mt. Pleasant) for our Zone Conference with our Mission President and his wife Sister Jensen. 

I had to give my Departing Testimony at that big meeting in front of tons of missionaries.  There really isn't anything that I can say in a short testimony over the pulpit that describes all the things that I have learned on my mission.  It is literally impossible.  But I did talk about how much I love the scriptures and a few things I have learned.  How God actually lives and isn't just some false sense of Hope that mankind creates to feel better about themselves and that Joseph Smith did see two beams in a pillar of light who were in reality Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.  I know it is true with all my heart and I tried my best to express that to the other missionaries and how much impact they have on sharing that stunning message with the world.  It is the most exciting thing.

Had another chaotic missionary day at church where people are pulling you left and right and stealing your chair and last minute teaching things and chasing people down before they leave the building and trying to keep track of where your investigator walked off to.  Nothing is as crazy as being a full time missionary serving in a branch on Sunday.
Wish you all well and have a wonderful week.  Sorry if there are any of you that I am not able to email back every week.  I always read all of my emails I just run out of time.  This is why I write this email for my mom to put on the blog.  It makes it that much easier for me and we always have so much to do on Mondays.  It's the busiest most stressful day of the week besides the 3 hour block on Sunday.  La Iglesias es verdadero.  Este bien.

Sister Robertson

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