Tuesday, March 17, 2015

2015 March 16th letter from Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

This past week has gone buy really fast.  I was sick over the weekend and had to spend a lot of time sleeping it off in bed here and there around our appointments.  Me and Hermana Smoot were the speakers in Sacrament Meeting yesterday.  I spoke on Testimonies and conversion and she spoke on keeping the Sabbath day holy.  I really love those topics and really enjoyed speaking about it and sharing my own personal experiences with it.  It is always a good thing to accept callings to teach and to lead.  Without these we do not progress or grow at all.  We are stagnant.  Change is uncomfortable, but change is necessary and change makes us happier.  If we always do what we have always done we will always get what we have always got.  True principle.

One of the members of our branch has a tenant named Raz that is in his 60s and has spent his entire life without family and in prison since the age of 8.  He is extremely fun and eccentric and hyper and full of energy and personality.  He said to us, "none of those meth houses are left in New London because I kicked those druggies out of town because I don't want them here" then he showed us his knife he keeps on his belt loop that he uses to threaten the druggies with.  Don't worry, our branch mission leader was there with us.  My companion invited him to baptism and he accepted but said he was "half way to retarded" and would need some extra help first.   Hope we can keep meeting with him and help him come to church.  There are some fun people in Iowa!  Raz is really sweet deep down though and has it in his heart to make the world a better place, by scarring all the meth heads out of town I guess.

Have my last Zone Conference in Nauvoo on my mission this Friday.  I will have to give my departing testimony with the other missionaries in my Zone that are leaving.  What can you say that can put your mission in words lasting only a few sentences.  Doesn't exist.  Just pick a topic and go for it.  

I am getting really excited thinking about going home, but also really sad.  I love being a missionary where you don't have to think about working jobs and providing for yourself.  You are completely focused on the work of the Kingdom of God and feeding yourself, physically and spiritually of course, and that's all.  This is what the millennium will be like one day.  It will be absolutely wonderful, but until then I have a lot of fun life ahead to look forward to!  yay! 

Cool fact that I learned from reading "A Marvelous Work and a Wonder" this past week:  The Chicago fire was started by Satan to burn the artifact records written by Abraham and Joseph in Egypt that Joseph Smith was translating that were found in the lost Catacombs of Egypt.  Joseph Smith translated Abraham but he hadn't got to the record of Joseph before the fire.  I can't get over that.  What did that record talk about?!!!!  Satan that sneaky son of a gun.  Too bad God is always right and always wins so He already knows what tricks Satan is going to pull infinitely before he ever does them.  He's so dumb.  Just Stop.... stop it. STOP IT.

Really grateful for all of you who love and support me and think of me and read this email I write every week.  I really does help uplift me a lot and I'm grateful for all of you even though I can't always write all of you back all the time. I really do appreciate it a lot.

Don't forget.  The church is true!


Sister Robertson

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