Monday, February 9, 2015

2015 Feb 9th from Mount Pleasant, Iowa and Nauvoo, Illinois

This week Sister Robertson and Sister Loureiro are spending their p-day down in Nauvoo so there will be no blog post until next week. She did send some amazing photos to share though. Enjoy
We ran into Zeke! We were at the Exodus Walk in Nauvoo on Saturday morning. I hadn't seen her since last July and she was Zeke Leaking. She was someone we taught the gospel to. She told me she was able to go to the temple and do the baptism work for her mom recently! What a wonderful impact came to Zeke's life when we knocked on her door!

The next pictures are all of the Nauvoo Exodus Reenactment.
This is Chelsie's mom now --For those who do not know about this time in history and the significance of the reenactment, it was a time when mob violence raged and even the Illinois governor issued an extermination order against Mormons. Things escalated to the point when the church leaders decided to leave Nauvoo for the west in hopes of finding a more peaceful place to live. Chelsie had several grandparents who took that same walk with their families during a very harsh winter and under very hostile circumstances with the mobs.  The mobs had killed their beloved Prophet Joseph Smith. It was a sad and emotional time for the pioneers as they left the city they had built along with their beloved Nauvoo Temple. 
There were flags representing the various countries the pioneers came from.

Hay bales in a barn...

The horse drawn wagons in the Exodus.
The Nauvoo Exodus walk went down the Trail of Hope to the banks of the Mississippi River. 

The Nauvoo Temple from various angles --BEAUTIFUL!!

Chelsie loves scenic pictures if you can't tell. This is a small cabin in Nauvoo, Illinois on what appears to be a calm winter's day. 

A great moonscape from Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

And here's a great sunset also from Mt. Pleasant.

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