Monday, February 2, 2015

2015 Feb 2nd PICTURES!!

There is a snow storm outside in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

What a beautiful red cardinal in Mt. Pleasant. 

My companion, Hermana Loureiro gets really bored and plays with Silly Putty and nails sometimes, actually quite frequently. This one freaked me out a little bit.

This is how we rescued Hermana Loureiro's name tag after it fell and kept it from falling behind the concrete house steps.

Hermana Loureiro's nametag catcher. 

This is a beautiful shot of nature from Mt Pleasant, Iowa.

I was having too much fun stick inside yesterday because of the crazy snow storm.

. . . and the snowstorm fun continues

Since we were stuck inside I finished the moose I promised Hermana Loureiro. 

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