Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2015 Feb 23 letter from Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

It is getting slowly harder and harder for me to sit down on Monday and write this email for my blog.  So many incredible things happen during the week that I can hardly remember them all and sharing my experiences. I keep a daily journal for myself, because my memory isn't too great. 

I got called on Yesterday last minute to teach the Relief Society lesson on the importance of the Sacrament.  I referred to the story of the "Living Water" that Christ offered to the Samaritan woman at the Well.  I had no time to prepare and was very exhausted from the day before and not feeling my best, thus everything that came out of my mouth was straight from the Spirit which is how it should be.  Don't over prepare because it doesn't leave room for the Spirit to teach you anything.  God does not command in all things, but He still commands in some things.  It is a very humbling experience and cannot be explained in Words unless you have experienced it for yourself.  All I remember from my lesson (they were not my words, but the words of the Spirit) was when I was referring to the Living Waters as water in a river.  No matter what liquid water encounters, it overcomes it.  Water flows around boulders, sticks, barbed fences, and many other obstacles in this world with EASE.  When we are partaking of the Living Water that Christ offers us through His Atonement and His Doctrine we flow through life with more ease than before.  Overcoming whatever obstacles are in our path with patience and consistency.  We never stop moving forward and changing and progressing.

We had a great lesson this past week with our Investigator.  He has been doing family History work since we started meeting with you.  We haven't even taught him about the importance of family history work in the Church.  He just felt an overwhelming desire to start looking into it.  He has found out that on his Mother's side he is related to Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.  We are hoping that he will be baptized by the end of March.  He said that "he feels like a sponge" right now. Learning as much as he can and feeling the Spirit more and more.  

One truth and pattern you see evidence of on your Mission is whenever you find someone that is not a member of the church they usually have had some connection already with the church either in their past or in their family and you just haven't figured out which one it is yet.  This is almost always true.  Heavenly Father follows these people and hails them with missionaries.  This is all guided by the Spirit.

Being around Hermana Loureiro as she is preparing to return home in 4 days is very distracting you could say.  Makes it hard not to think about when my turn comes up the first week of April.  I'm really grateful I got to serve with her.  She is a great, obedient missionary who loves the Lord and has read the ENTIRE OLD TESTAMENT from 3 weeks ago until now.  I've learned a lot from her.  Including how missionary work should be the funnest thing you do and how to laugh and crack jokes all day long and have a blast.

Preaching the Gospel to our Brothers and Sisters is the happiest work in existence and should be fun.   She trusts God a lot and has a lot of Faith and speaks Spanish really well.  I've been learning a few phrases myself.  Los Ultimato Cena de Frijoles.

Got to spend one day last week with another Sister from the mission while the departing missionaries went on their final temple trip.  It wasn't the same. I'm going to miss Hermana Loureiro and I wish her a happy return home to Layton, Utah this Friday.

Been in -20 wind chill temperatures all last week and I'm use to it now. Going to melt when I go back to Texas in April when it's already summer there.

THIS GOSPEL IS TRUE. never forget that. If you don't know it go figure it out.  If you are not doing very good keeping the commandments or fulfilling your callings and attending all your meetings you probably aren't that converted to the Gospel and you should work on that because It's true and you are missing out on the infinite happiness of blessings hidden behind the dam that you built.  I'm not ashamed.  Change doesn't take very long, you make it take longer than it should.  Embrace it and Let go and find lasting happiness.

Love you!
Sister Robertson

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