Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 12th letter from Dubuque, Iowa

This past week we had some severely cold weather and snow fall.  We spent half the week or more stuck inside.  Either that or just being allowed by the mission to go straight to scheduled appointments each day and then head home after.  No door to door proselyting or walking outside was allowed.  That is pretty normal for the Iowa Des Moines Mission.  

What do missionaries do when they're stuck inside all day long without being able to watch movies and TV?  Well there are some shorter church produced movies that we can watch on lds.org or have copies of to show investigators that we end up watching too many times over just so we have something to watch.  Usually movies about Joseph Smith or Jesus.  Hoping to get our hands on The Testament before the next storm. Sometimes we will study and read longer than a normal day, spend more time eating than necessary, taking more naps than necessary, try calling some people to set up appointments for later in the week, doodle and end up going to bed an hour earlier because we run out of things to do and we get too bored. 

The Marshallese Elders were able to have a baptism for their 10 year old investigator Franklin on Saturday and since they are a part of the 1st Ward we were able to be a part of the program and help out with making the program fliers and setting up.  His parents were particularly touched and I really hope the Elders will be able to baptize them also in the next coming months.  Members have said that Franklin is a beaming light and example to all the kids in primary and had been attending primary for over 4 months before he was baptized.  He will definitely be a missionary one day!  

Trying all our efforts this week to get our investigator to church, they didn't show when we went with a member to go pick them up.  We were really sad about that.  We'll try our best to figure out how we can best help them this coming week.  They also accepted the word of wisdom this past Friday and committed to live it.  We are hopeful that they will be ready for their baptism in February. 

Today is transfer doctrine phone call day.  We already found out that our District Leader, Elder Whiting, is being replaced with another District Leader, but the rest of us won't get called until after 8 pm tonight sometime.  Makes for a nerve racking day, hard to function as a missionary day.  I have been praying and hoping I will stay.  Usually I have a gut feeling that I am leaving when I do get transferred, but this time I don't.  I feel that I am staying, but I will let you all know next Monday what happens this week.  I really want to stay with Sister Roberts in Dubuque for her last 6 weeks on her mission before moving back to Spanish Fork, Utah and then finish out my last 6 after that training someone new in the area and then packing up.  We'll see what the Lord has planned and then I will "go where He wants me to go."

Sister Robertson


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