Tuesday, January 20, 2015

20 Jan 2015 letter from Mount Pleasant, Iowa

Monday last week me and Sister Roberts received our transfer doctrine phone calls from AP Ellsworth.  He said I was leaving and that Sister Roberts was also leaving.  Our area was being white washed and we were both being replaced by two different sisters in Dubuque.  When this happens as a missionary you tend to get a little irritated.  The two new people don't know investigators and sometimes that results in people being lost and never baptized.  it breaks my heart.  We had to go say goodbye to Shelly our only investigator and she was really sad that we were leaving, but we were able to take pictures with her.  The new sisters didn't seem to connect with her yet even though we set up appointments and told them about it.  I know that ultimately the Lord is in Control and he has it all figured out because He knew that this would happen.

Me and Sister Roberts spent a lot of time cleaning and organizing everything in preparation for transfers.  There was a lot more to get done than normal and a lot of people to go say goodbye too.  I helped her finish sewing her stuffed elephant named Tulu (Johnny paid 8 cows for Mahana!). Transfer meetings are always really nerve-racking.  I am not really a fan at all.  My stomach was so knotted up I thought I was going to pass out.  I was called to serve in the Mount Pleasant Branch (really small) about 26 miles northwest of Burlington where I served for almost 6 months last year with Hermana Loureiro, a Spanish speaking sister.  The mission is in short supply of Spanish speakers, so until next transfer I will be here filling in and I will most likely be moved again for my final transfer. 

I already got to see my investigator Brandi from Burlington by surprise yesterday on P-day and I was so happy to see her!  I missed her so much and I really didn't think I would see her again while serving my mission.  Didn't think I would come back to the Nauvoo Stake again either.  Feels kind of weird, but I am grateful for it.  I will get to spend more time in Nauvoo again. We are even planning to go to a reenactment of the Nauvoo Exodus on February 7th and then go to the temple afterwards.  I'm looking forward to it a lot.  Lots going on here.

Our apartment is one of those above the closed old stores downtown apartment buildings with the sketchy ally ways to walk through to get to and from it.  Members give us groceries every Sunday so our cupboards are overrun with food!  yay!  I eat too much now.  We also have a brand new 2015 Nissan Frontier with 4 wheel drive.  It is really clean and nice and I really appreciate it since we have to drive on a lot of dirt roads and ice.

Our first member dinner appointment was with the Argetta's.  Brother Argetta has absolutely perfected his refried beans recipe and they take him over a week or two to complete the cooking process before ready to eat.  I sat at the table and he asked me what I like to eat and I told him "I really love beans."  He said back, "Today, you will be BAPTIZED by beans!"  He is from Guatemala and he said it perfectly.  My favorite member quote on my mission so far.

I really miss serving with Sister Roberts, but I will get to see her again in about 6 weeks at the next transfer meeting.  Hermana Loureiro will be returning home to Utah at the end of her mission and so will Sister Roberts on February 27th.  I will get to see them both off.  I'm really grateful for that as well.

Hope you all have a great week.

Sister Robertson  

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