Monday, December 22, 2014


December 17th in Dubuque --from the online newspaper ...

A drive by shot of a neat restaurant in Bellevue, Iowa next to the Mississippi River.

A picture of what ski resorts look like in places where there are no mountains. It's kind of fuzzy, but you can still get an idea from it. It's like a bunny hill next to the river.

Brother Pellet with his accordion at the Ward Christmas breakfast.
My companion, Sister Roberts, and our friend Leah at the Ward Christmas breakfast.

A missionary selfie in the car ready to go knock on some doors because you never get to see pictures of me at work.

Our District Christmas pictures (it didn't turn out too great).
Our bathroom I just cleaned up this morning with the Nativity stickers Mom sent me on it. (Nativities are a family tradition)

This is what the Reynold's house is like at Christmas. This is where the sister missionaries live --that means me!

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