Monday, December 22, 2014

2014 Dec 22nd letter from Dubuque, Iowa


We had a really busy week between the normal work in Dubuque and meetings and exchanges over down in Clinton, Iowa.  To Start off I have the neatest story from going on exchanges with Sister Harmon in Clinton and I have been waiting all week to write it to you:  

We went to go see a war veteran named Paul with one of the Clinton ward members.  He was a very old and humble man in very low-income circumstances.  Not who you would expect to see Sister Missionaries teaching. We were able to review over the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with him over an hour and Sister Harmon extended a baptism invitation to Paul.  I was getting a little restless because of the late hour and being really hungry.  I felt myself kind of wishing the lesson would end so we could get out of there when Paul started mumbling, "this girl... she gave me something before she moved to Utah before thanksgiving."  Paul bent over and reached under his bed and pulled out a leather bound Quad.  Me and Sister Harmon dropped our jaws and just stared at him completely Astonished.  And when we recovered from this our Astonishment we closed the lesson and were able to go in for the night.  We were not expecting this nearly homeless man to pull out the scriptures of the the Restored Gospel out from under his bed.  It was one of the miracles from this week. I can't stop telling people about it because it blows my mind.   So maybe a word of advice.  If you are a member of the church and you want God to send missionaries to someone you know.  Hide a Quad under their bed.  Maybe that just might work. 

Sister Roberts and I set a baptism date with our new investigator named Shelly this past Friday. She wasn't able to make it to church but we have high hopes for her this next Sunday.  She asked "oh yeah! What do I need to do to be ready?"  I am so grateful we found her and I hope we will be able to help her reach Baptism either by or before February 14th. 

Also, Sister Swift finally made it to Sacrament meeting for the first time since I have been serving in Dubuque (since August 1st).  She has a lot of pain and health problems because of old age, but seeing her try her hardest to be at church yesterday was a great act of courage for her and I am so proud of her. 

Both Dubuque Wards put on a Christmas breakfast party Saturday morning.  Br. Pellet played Christmas Carols with his Accordion and a bunch of different groups of members did really fun skits and songs and also the Marshallese people sang some beautiful Marshall Island Christmas songs for us.  Sometimes they sing God Be With You Till We Meet Again at farewell parties and you about cry cause you picture yourself as the Elder in the movie The Other Side of Heaven as he's leaving the Island.  Sorry, that visual was a little silly, but very accurate.  

Today we are packing up our stuff and cleaning our room and doing loads of laundry in order to move over to the Graham's house later tonight.  The Reynold's have too many family members visiting for the next week so we are getting out of their way.  You can still send mail over to the same address though because we'll be back there throughout the week. 

So far we have two or three thanksgiving style Christmas Dinners we are going to between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  It's only Monday and we're getting a ham and sweet potato dinner tonight too.  So if i look a bit fluffy in my Christmas pictures, this is why. lol!  If any of you have seen Jim Carey's The Grinch movie, picture the seen where he is Cheer Meister and they're piling spoons of food in his Mouth, this is Dubuque at Christmas time.  Not exaggerating. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with friends and family.
Don't forget what this season means and who we worship, our Savior Jesus Christ. 
The Gift that thieves cannot break through and steal and which moth and rust cannot corrupt. 

Sister Robertson

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