Monday, December 1, 2014

2014 Dec 1 from Dubuque, Iowa

This past week we got 4 Invite to Thanksgiving dinner.  Typical holiday life of a full-time missionary.  So many people are concerned we are sad and won't get enough food.  We end up getting too much food and gain a bunch of weight, but I still appreciate how loving and thoughtful they all are. We are definitely blessed in abundance!  
Two of our Thanksgiving invites fell through last minute so we didn't end up bursting at the seems that day.  We spent our main dinner with the Laethem family and played some card games after. Later that evening we went to the Marshallese Thanksgiving party at the church gym for a few hours.  We had a pretty good day and there was lots of snow and the sun was shining too.

Our recent convert Sheila hadn't been to church in pretty long time because she has been sick and her daughter finally had her baby girl last week.  We were so happy to see her at church yesterday.  She really had missed the peace from the Spirit that is at the meetings.  That was our miracle for the week.

We also had Exchanges with the Sisters from Clinton and we were able to meet a ton of people. Rephrase that:  We were able to meet a ton of die hard Catholic people.  Dubuque is mostly Catholic plus a Catholic High School and two different Bible colleges, a nunnery and a Seminary Catholic Castle.  It's pretty intense and so are the people.  Just have to keep finding more people until we find those who are ready to take a leap of faith.  Sometimes people we meet with have a lot of deep questions about God and this life, but they have zero faith to find out for themselves. They drown us with questions but don't have the patience to listen to our answers.  So they stay where it's comfortable and deny the justice of God.  If there is a God, He has His Doctrine, there is one way to Him and that is HIS, one church, and one baptism.  He is not a God of confusion. Men confuse themselves. 

At our District Meeting this last Friday the Spirit was really strong.  There are a lot of things that the missionaries in Dubuque have been struggling with and every week Elder Whiting, our District Leader, always delivers the message we all need to hear.  You know that the words of your Leaders are the words of God, when they speak and reveal the truth and it strikes you to the core and motivates you to make the necessary changes and repent.  I am grateful to have leaders in the Church and leaders on my mission that are so in tune with the Spirit and have such an incredible relationship with God.  Trusting God is to trust your priesthood leaders. 

Today we are all waiting for our transfer calls from the AP's.  We will probably get ours after 8:00 tonight.  If you get a call before 10 in the morning you will either be called to a leadership position or training a new missionary.  Glad we didn't get one of those.  President and Sister Jensen expressed how much they love the Sister Robs squared companionship so we are pretty sure we are staying together one more transfer in Dubuque. 

Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes.  They really warmed my soul. :)
I really love you all, friends and family that support me and care about me.
I really appreciate it deeply. 

Sister Robertson

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