Tuesday, November 25, 2014

24 Nov 2014 letter from Dubuque, Iowa

This past week we finally started to see the missionary work in the Dubuque area pick up a little bit from what it has been.  On Friday I was led to go to several very specific locations in town and specific apartment and houses.  Every one of those I felt we needed to knock on had somewhere who has either met with missionaries in the past or has friends that are members.  None of them wanted to have us teach them, but you can tell God still uses us as tools to give them more chances to open up to it and Except it.  

The missionaries here joke that each person gets at least 7 contacts by the church or missionaries before they open up to baptism (supposedly).  This was just one of their 7.  We felt super successful from being led by the Spirit to these individuals.  A few of my companions have been impressed by my ability to "track" people down.  I've picked up the nick name of "the tracker" with a few of them.  Sometimes we just go knocking somewhere because there are people everywhere and we don't feel any kind of spiritual vibe coming from anywhere.  Other times I know where, down to the street and the very door.  We will end up driving to very different locations all over town just to knock on that one door and drive to the next, but that one person was there.  They were given another chance by God's messengers.  Being a missionary and having those spiritual gifts blow me away!  This work is the true.  Nothing else is as important as this.  Not Ever.

Saturday night we went to another Marshallese first birthday party where they put our dinner plates together for us which included a big raw fish head and some coagulated pig blood jello.  It was touching my chicken and rice... and neither of us could stomach it very well.  When we got home that night Brother Reynold's had hunted 2 deer and was gutting them in the garage downstairs with Allesandra, their younger teenage daughter who was the one to cut the deer open.  Me and Sister Roberts really wanted to watch. Gross and smelly and messy.  More Deer brats for Br. Reynolds I guess.  More queasy stomachs for us that night. 

Still haven't been able to set any baptism dates with anyone lately but we have chance with a few this week that we were led to recently.  Hopefully it goes well.

We had Interviews with President Jensen this last Tuesday.  Sister Jensen was crying because she said she can't believe how much I have changed on my mission and how much happier I am now.  I know that's true.  I am much happier.  So is Sister Roberts.  President Jensen hopefully will let us stay together in Dubuque through Christmas.  Really hope it happens!  Transfer calls start next Monday.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and they blow their silly diets for a day and just eat whatever they want.  Don't hold back. 

Sister Robertson 

p.s. If you have never heard of the "17 points of the True Church" written by someone who is not a member of the church.  Go find them and read it.  Maybe it's on Google, but i'm a missionary and I can't go find it for you.  It's incredible.  They line up exactly with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints doctrine perfectly.  Highly recommend it and reading the subsequent scriptures included.

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