Monday, October 20, 2014

2014 October 20th letter from Dubuque, Iowa

This past week was very busy and very stressful.  Sister Randall was called and transferred to my last area in Burlington Iowa and my new companion is Sister Roberts.  Transfer week is also really crazy and exhausting even if you're not being transferred.  Lots of changes and traveling throw you off and also worrying about who you're going to be stuck with for the next 7 weeks in which are three major holidays; Halloween, Thanks Giving and my birthday.  Sister Roberts was an answer to my prayers and we get along so well already and we are both on the same page and have very similar personalities.  We both are blessed to be in Dubuque together and I'm excited to see the Lord's work progress here over the next several weeks and months.  We both had Sister Woodbury as a companion in the past, so we have that in common.  My companion during Nauvoo Pageant, Sister Boone, finally went back home to Idaho Falls this past weekend.  I've already heard from her since she arrived home.  Time flies by so fast.
One of the Elder companionships got turned into a trio this past transfer.  So now we have 7 Elders and only 2 Sisters serving in Dubuque; we are pretty out weighed here.  Currently we haven't been able to get two of our investigators to church no matter what we do Sunday morning; including multiple annoying calls, texts and tapping on bedroom windows and doors (by request of the investigator of course! lol) and even a free cake bribe by Sister Randall before she left.  Nothing works.  We'll just keep working hard to find those who will.  Everyone has their time and their hour God is preparing them for and sometimes right now isn't going to be it no matter how much we want it to be. But we give it all we got so we're not accountable in a bad way later; aka. peace of conscience.  
Another one of our investigators was blessed, at the age of 35, to finally find and meet his biological father whom his Mother had hid from him his whole life.  He found out that all his grandfather's siblings lines and relatives are all members of the church in the mid west and I'm excited for him to meet them soon and see if they'll help him get baptized one day.  Still a slow moving story for now.
Sister Roberts is an incredible piano player, is half New Zealand and grew up in Spanish Fork, Utah where her family still lives.  She disproves of the Festival of Colors at the Krishna temple in Spanish Fork because it's dirty and crowded and so do I!  It's great to be on the same page!  We have the same personality, opinions and temperament and it has really brought the Spirit back and helped me a lot.  We were both an answer to each others prayers and I am grateful to serve with her.  It's going to be a good 7 weeks and hopefully longer.  I'd love to serve with her during Christmas too.  As a missionary you always hope for the good companion during the Holiday season so it doesn't suck.  I think I repeated myself quite a bit in this letter, but all that means is that I'm excited about what I said and It was apparently good enough to be repeated over again. 
We are "Roberts-Squared" according to President Jensen. He liked the idea of us serving together.He's a complete Goofball and will pair up a lot of missionaries with similar looks or names for fun.
 I'm grateful for my mission.  It has helped me to change, grow, be converted to the Restored Gospel, help other people, and receive and recognize hundreds of blessings I wouldn't have had without serving.  I would serve again in a heart beat if I had the money and I was allowed to, but probably not allowed to since I'm the oldest in the mission.  Maybe when I'm old and have tons of money (if I'm lucky enough!) I can serve again.  It's the most important thing you'll ever do besides family in this life.  If you're even thinking about serving a mission, JUST DO IT!  Best decision you can make.
Sister Robertson 

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