Tuesday, October 14, 2014

2014 October 13th letter from Dubuque, Iowa

This past week we had a bunch of interesting experiences that helped my testimony grow stronger. One less active lady we visit didn't have much faith or understanding of prayer.  We taught her how to pray and she asked if she could pray to find something she had lost.  Of course you can!  She prayed and less than a minute later she found what she had last and she was so happy and excited that God is real and really does answer prayers that she was hugging me and jumping up and down at the same time shouting, "it works! it works! it really does work!"  It was the cutest thing I had ever seen on my mission.  Afterward she wanted to pray for every little thing she needed help with.  So Cute!  Her testimony was strengthened so much that day.

Sunday we had the chance to attend the evening Sacrament meeting for the Marshallese group of members followed by a birthday celebration for Elder Ackley and dinner.  They don't have their own branch yet for the Marshallese so they do a sacrament meeting once a month on fast Sunday as a break the fast.  We got to wear translation headphones to hear it in English too.

We were able to get in contact with a lot of people this past week that we had struggled to in previous weeks and reconnect with them.  We got a few referrals too which we normally struggle to get from members or other people. 

We also helped Rita make several dozen Halloween sugar cookies and frost and decorate them all for her bake sale last week.  She has been struggling to receive an answer about our church but she lets us do service for her and hopefully as we talk with her more she will open up.  We have only been able to get her to church for a relief society activity over a month ago and that's all.

Yesterday we finally got a young family to come to church, but the mother felt like she was being judged for her squiggly baby and her clothes and she left sacrament meeting early to go home.  It was really disappointing and we had explained everything before hand as well and after the fact.  I hope they will try it out again next week.  We have been having a really hard time getting people to come to the church building even for a church tour during the week.  

Today we are waiting for our transfer calls.  This past transfer was only 5 weeks for some reason so it went by really fast.  Everyone says they know Sister Randall is leaving Dubuque, but we'll find out for sure later today.  I'll miss her, we have fun together, but I am also excited to serve with a new companion if that's God's will and get to know somebody new.

Some of my favorite counsel from Conference (insights, not word for word):

Human judgment and logical thinking will not be enough.  Everyone needs revelation to receive Salvation.

Be unified with our Prophet and Apostles; don't have any doubts and concern over their counsel

"Acknowledge and face your weaknesses"
Cease withholding our means because we think the poor bring it upon themselves, "aren't' we all beggars?" 

It will always be easier to keep the Savior by our side with the help of a righteous companion. 

physical fitness affects our Spirit and also what we eat too; treat your body as a temple. 

God will not assume the "role of puppet master"...we have to work hard and do our part. 

No struggle is too great, no sacrifice too hard to get to the temple!

Show through how you live your life that this Gospel is true. 

I hope you were all able to watch conference.  Every session, so you don't miss out on the counsel and blessings that your Heavenly Father has in store for you right now in your life. :)

Sister Robertson

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