Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15th letter

The bishop and leaders and the missionaries ended up clearing up all the confusion with the boundaries for the missionaries in Dubuque this past week.  Everything is back to normal and we now have all our old investigators back except the ones that dropped us.  Things have been going really well, but there is always room for improvement and more hard work.

Our pool of investigators and appointments have been slowing down and a lot of people have been dropping us or being flaky.  We have been spending more time during the day knocking doors and street contacting so we can find more people to teach.  So far we haven't found too many.  When you go knocking you run into the crabbiest people, it's sad, but funny how serious they are.  One door we knocked on opened and the guy said "I'm Atheist! Goodbye!" really enthusiastically and slammed the door.  That cracked me up.  Others are less funny.

One of our long-term investigators finally showed up to Church.  We were about ready to drop them and then they invited us over for dinner.  We weren't sure what to do so we decided to read over the Articles of Faith to answer more of their questions about what makes our church different.  Family History work popped up in conversation and they got really excited and started pulling out their computers and showing us all the family history work they had been doing.  We invited them over to the Family History Center at our church building Friday afternoon and we found out that he had ancestors in the early LDS church and the line stopped shortly after the death of Joseph Smith.  Our investigator got very excited to find out why they left the church and maybe who else in his family were once members.  He is now on an avid search to find out and came to church for all 3 hours to talk to more people about it.  We hope to get the whole family there next week.  Excited to see how this goes. 

Me and Sister Randall were not transferred out of Dubuque so we are still here working together for the next 5 weeks.  Usually a mission transfer is only 6 weeks, but this one is only 5.  The church is trying to line up all the transfer days in the United States.  I am curious as to why. Only big change here in Dubuque is the other set of Sister missionaries were removed and replaced with Elders because some creeper guy had been stalking them around their apartment.  Now me and Sister Randall are the only sisters within an hour and a half drive and we have 3 sets of Elders here now.  Before the other missionaries left Dubuque the Marshallese threw a big and really fun going away party at the Saito's house.  I'll send pictures of that.    

A huge cold front blew through Iowa this past week.  We had lows in the 30s and highs in the 50s in the middle of September!  Someone told us that it's been snowing up north already too, but I don't get to watch the news so I can't verify that.  I had to bust out my coat already.  The leaves haven't started changing colors quite yet for it to be that cold.  

Shout out to my best friend Lauren Leininger!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!  haha, you're on my blog now. I love you!  Have fun!  Wish I could be there with you!

Sorry if I have missed anyone else's!  Happy Birthday to anyone else reading this that had a birthday recently.


Sister Robertson

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