Wednesday, September 3, 2014

3 Sept 2014 letter from Dubuque, Iowa

So much has happened in this past week, but mostly just staying busy every day.Last week I hit my 11 month mark which means i only have less than 7 months left on my mission now.  Time really does fly by when you're working hard and having fun.

We were invited to a Marshallese first birthday party last Saturday night and they cooked up an entire pig.  The Marshallese know how to throw good parties.  They even will bring in giant plastic tubs of fried rice and homemade donuts.  It's a TON of food.  Try to do our best making it out of there without getting fatter.  They play loud music and play lots of games and they have a ton of cute little kids running around.  One of them named Matt took off with my camera and took some fun pictures.  I will post those.   

We also went to see the Labor Day parade downtown which mostly consisted of candy, corn and tractors.  Nothing less than what you'd expect to see in Iowa.  It was fun though to do something different.

This past week we have also experienced a lot of disappointments.  Including doing drive by's to see if the person you're helping to quit smoking is actually smoking and then seeing them smoking.  Then you call them that night to see if they smoked or not and they tell you no.  Or when you show up to your appointment and they all sneak out the back one by one and get in the car and leave because they saw you coming.  That happened two or three times last week. They have no idea what they're missing.  Missionary work is so much fun! 

We do not having any baptisms on date right now, but we have over 25 people that are investigating or potentially investigating and we are working hard to meet with them every week and keep inviting them to change and come to church.

When we teach the Restoration of the Gospel and Joseph Smith we lose people and they sometimes drop us.  Think we're crazy to believe what we do.  Only a few pay attention or invite us back.  Incredibly hard to just get even one person to read the Book of Mormon.  Satan works so strongly against it, but we just keep working and keep fighting it because we know it's the Truth.

Sister Robertson

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