Tuesday, September 30, 2014


We were able to carpool down to Davenport in the Quad Cities to watch the Relief Society Broadcast with other sister missionaries and members of our Stake on Saturday night.  They also provided a wonderful dinner before hand and we all had a lot of fun and took some fun pictures in and around the church.  The entire broadcast was centered around getting to the temple and if you can't get there right now you need to be doing your family history.  Family History is pretty much temple work and you can do it regardless of where your standing in the church is.  

Our lives should always be centered around the temple and what we need to do to get there or stay there, no exceptions.  We will not be truly happy and blessed in this life or the life after if we aren't holding a temple recommend.  Only we are keeping ourselves from those wonderful blessings that our Heavenly Father wants so desperately to give us.  We need to stop trying to figure life out with our own strength and weaknesses.  Don't let anything get in the way of temple. EVERYONE has a role to play in the temple.

We were able to celebrate Leah's birthday on Saturday afternoon as well.  Leah is like I use to be, a bright redhead who plays trumpet.  We have so much in common to talk about.  Leah spends multiple times a week coming out with us to help teach lessons to investigators and sometimes she'll even go finding with us.  She has a big heart and a big testimony and we really appreciate and love her a lot.  I'm lucky I get to be her friend.

Other than that We had a very hectic week.  Because I was sick before we had a lot of catching up to do and a lot of people to contact and meet with.  We were also able to do a lot of finding and met three new potentials that were really grateful that we showed up, saying specifically that they felt we were an answer to their prayers.  So incredible how we are tools in the Lord's hands.

I also hit my year mark from entering the MTC last Thursday.  I cannot believe I have been serving this long.  I will be headed home 6 months from October 9th and I plan to make the best of the short time I have left to serve. 

Funny story:  Most of the time as missionaries you get the chance to listen to some pretty weird doctrine that people believe.  One lady we talked to mentioned that, quote, "I remember when I was in my mother's womb, she fed me a lot of Peanut butter and I didn't like it." She believed a lot in Reincarnation and other theories.  It's always interesting.  I also hear a LOT about Wickery. Basically the explanation for this is there are "good witches" that can perform good spells. It is pretty different and strange.  But the same forces of good and evil spirits are present in their beliefs that are in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  That's because they're real eternal truths.  There are more of these eternal truths present in almost all religions.

I also gave a training on the importance of receiving personal revelation through the Book of Mormon, which I was more than excited to give since I have a deep love for the Book of Mormon.  

Sorry for such a long email this week!  I hope you are all doing well and relying on God to help you out with the hard times and thanking him in the good times.

Favorite quote I heard this week, "if you don't like who you are, then change what you do."


Sister Robertson  

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