Monday, September 8, 2014

2014 Sept 8 letter from Dubuque, Iowa

Today we are waiting for our transfer phone calls.  Sister Randall has been here 6 months and we think she is getting booted out.  We won't find out by the time i'm done emailing so I will let you all know next week what happens, but most likely I will be staying put. 

We had a lot of hard things happen to our missionary work in Dubuque this week.  In the Dubuque first ward we have Marshallese speaking elders that usually just teach only Marshallese people, but this past week they reinstated boundaries splitting the ward in half with us instead.  We have lost almost all our contacts and investigators in the change and all our usual dinner appointments.
I know it was done for a reason, but we have a lot of work to do to catch up now.  And about the dinner appointments we won't be getting nearly as many anymore, It's fine because we are both on our last 6 to7 month diets.  Everyone in the mission calls it the "six months to sexy."  It's tough being a full time missionary and not being able to relieve stress by eating ice cream and french fries. 

One of our investigators (a part-member family) dropped us this past week.  They said that we were stalking them and they are "putting their foot down" so we can't teach them anymore.  Sad when that happens, because we are just trying to help them see what they're missing in their lives. 

On Saturday we got to go with another investigator named Rita to Galena, Illinois to help her with a bakery sale she was asked to do for an author of children books who lives there.  The author writes books about his pack of Malamute dogs, so we got to see and pet the dogs too.  They're huge and fluffy.  my favorite.  

Other than that just working hard to teach and find more people to teach and brushing off rejection. No baptisms scheduled yet.  Not too exciting of a week, but I love being a missionary.  

Sister Robertson

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