Thursday, September 4, 2014

2014 Sept 3rd pictures

A view of the Mississippi River from Dubuque, Iowa

These next 5 pictures are from downtown Dubuque. We live about a 30 minute drive away from here but this is where we do most of our work.

The downtown Dubuque, Iowa library where we sometimes write our e-mails. It was built in the 1800's.

We went to a Marshallese birthday party. These next few pictures are some of the kids and the missionaries.

Me and my mission companion Sister Randall and the elders.
Fish eyeballs the Marshallese like to eat. Eewww...gross!

They cooked a whole pig for the birthday party.

We went to the Labor Day Parade in downtown Dubuque. They have parades all the time in Iowa. This guy was funny with his corn cob hat.

John Deere in the parade. They are one of the main employers in this area. The father in the family we live with also works for John Deere.

More funny pictures from the parade...

Yep, that's a blue dog in the parade too. lol

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