Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2014 Sept 29 photos from Iowa

The rolling hills of Iowa are landscapes of corn from Dubuque to Davenport. It's really pretty.
more corn...

...and more corn.

This tractor picture is from 

They let us draw on the tables with crayons. The picture is Sister Randall's drawing of a flower and I added my deer around it.

The Stake Relief Society had a nice dinner before the General Women's Meeting broadcast in Davenport, Iowa.

Sister Randall and I at the RS dinner.

We took more corn pictures outside the Stake building for fun.

The sister missionaries are taking their own photos next to the church building.

Sunset over the corn next to the church.

This is a funny license plate I saw at the church yesterday.

A picture of the 5 year olds and their bunnies they colored after we taught them a lesson about how to treat animals nicely.

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