Monday, August 25, 2014

25 August letter

Between meetings and both sessions of Stake Conference, in Davenport, and Sheila's baptism Friday night we were crunched in our time to visit with other people this past week.
We were very blessed to still have the miracle of getting two new investigators, Sarah and Jason. They have such strong faith and they like everything about what we teach.  One of our other investigators, Rita, runs her own bakery out of her home and she invited us over last night and sent us away with a dozen different flavors of cupcakes, cookies, candied popcorn, and cake pops.  So much for trying to lose weight!  

It was wonderful to be a part of Sheila's baptism this past Friday.  A lot of people and support showed up despite the fact that almost all Sheila's children decided not to come last minute. She was able to have a really good time and feel the Spirit.  Sheila was Sister Randall's very first baptism serving in Dubuque and she had been working with her for a while.  I took some pictures I will send. 

I enjoyed driving down to Davenport (hour and a half south on the river from Dubuque) both for the Saturday night session and the Sunday morning session.  Was able to see Sister Woodbury there, my old companion, and catch up on things since we saw each other last.  When you serve a mission you definitely make friends for life.  

Tuesday night the Relief Society put on a cute fair/carnival activity for all the Relief Society sisters.  They had fun game stations where you could win prizes and earn points, cotton candy machine, corn on a stick (a must in Iowa), corn dogs and home made donuts.  All the ladies also won ribbons for all their homemade or home sewn projects they brought to display.  Rita surprised us by showing up to the activity without telling us beforehand.  She had a lot of fun... now the hard part, getting her to church!  We love her a lot and she already fits in and she doesn't even know it yet. 

We had a little surprise during one of our lessons downtown this past week.  We had just barely sat down to say a prayer with Terry, a member of the church, when his neighbor ran into the house screaming at us to come outside and help!  We walked outside his door (which is on a really busy street downtown) and his neighbor Jim was having a seizure and had fallen in the street and cut his head open really bad.  We held his head still  and wrapped it while waiting for the paramedics to show up.  It definitely was the start of an interesting day.  All in the life of a missionary.

An interesting thing that me and Sister Randall noticed that always happens whenever we teach about Joseph Smith's first vision.  Whenever we start reading his account of what he saw in the Sacred Grove somebody always walks into the room, disrupts or a phone goes off and the Spirit is gone and everyone forgets what we were talking about.  Satan is working so hard against us.  But that's how I know that this Church is true.  Thank you Satan for helping my testimony of Christ grow stronger!

Thanks for all the prayers.  I really miss all of you, friends and family.  I love hearing from you and about how you are all doing.  You can always write me!

8515 Douglas Ave Ste #19
Urbandale, Iowa  50322 

Sister Robertson

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