Monday, August 4, 2014

2014 August 4th letter from Dubuque Iowa

A lot of big changes happened this past week and it has been absolutely crazy!  I can hardly keep up with everything.  I was transferred out of Burlington, Iowa so I spent Tuesday and Wednesday saying my goodbyes to everyone and packing.  Thursday we drove to Iowa City for transfers and I was paired up with Sister Randall to serve in the Dubuque, Iowa 1st Ward (pronounced Dub-bee-yuke).  There are 2 wards in Dubuque and the city has 70,000 people in it and it is a few hours drive up the Mississippi from Burlington.   Part of our area goes across the river into Wisconsin and we are a 3 hour drive from Chicago.  Most people here are from Chicago.

Me and Sister Randall get along very well and we have similar interests and personalities.  She is 24 years old and was a hair dresser for 5 years in a salon before she re-activated and came out on her mission.  I feel we have a similar back ground so we understand each other better than I have with my other companions.  She grew up in Blackfoot, Idaho.
Most of our investigators are black from an area similar looking to the Chicago projects downtown and half of our ward are people from the Marshall Islands.  Our elders are Marshall-ese (spelling?) and speak their language.  It is a really large and diverse city with so much going on that I can hardly keep track of everything.  Right now we have 14 investigators and even more potential investigators and we find more every day.  4 of those showed up at church yesterday and they had good experiences.

We live in a bedroom upstairs at a members house in a really nice residential area on the west side of Dubuque and we have our own Ford Fusion.  The members are currently on a trip to Utah so we are watching their silly cat Rocky and have the entire house to ourselves.  I get to sleep on a full size bed too!  I've never slept on one of those before!  Our days are long and tiring because we don't get to go home on our breaks since it is a 25-30 minute trip from downtown to the house, so it will take some getting use to.  This is the largest area I have served in and everything is pretty far to drive to even though it's all city.  It is almost impossible to find your way around too since the roads don't make any sense at all.

This new area has been a roller coaster ride and I have a really bad cold so I'm so exhausted and barely hanging on for dear life every day!  Thanks for the prayers!  I haven't taken a whole lot of pictures in my new area yet except one of Rocky standing at our bedroom door pouting because we don't want him hair-balling our room.

I'll get more of a hang of Dubuque by next Monday and let you know how I'm doing!

Sister Robertson

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