Monday, August 18, 2014

2014 August 18th letter from Dubuque, Iowa

This past week me and Sister Randall were finally starting to not feel sick anymore so we were able to work hard and stay focused.  We have been working hard with one of our investigators who is going to be baptized this Friday.  She is incredible and has such faith and trust in God even though she has so much to learn.  She is a sweetheart and I hope all her family will follow her example by being baptized too so they can have those special blessings and guidance. 

We have had a lot of neat experiences this past week.  One of them in particular really made us struggle.  We went to go visit a woman who the missionaries were teaching last year and she brought up all the points of our doctrine that she didn't agree with.  One of which really bothered me. She said she hates our church because we specifically send out people to shove our religion down everyone's throats.  She said "i know God, isn't that enough for you to leave me alone?"  This same lady had said that the sister missionaries weighed heavily on her mind all day and wanted to see us again and we just happened to see her name in her book and see her that same day!  God was trying to tell her something, but she wasn't going to listen.  

Another man we taught the Joseph Smith first vision story to told us he thought it was "full of crap." to be honest i use to believe that too and it is full of crap if the Book of Mormon isn't such a powerful witness to me otherwise.  It would be full of crap if that book wasn't true.  And people tell us it isn't true and they will continue to not believe it and think missionaries are annoying and pushy until they just sit and read the book and ask God.  Missionaries only have 18 months to help people grow closer to God so we are going to love you A LOT, visit you A TON and be as bold as we can to get you to act on spiritual promptings and recognize what better life God has planned for you than what you currently have.  Alright, i'll stop missionary venting now :)

This past week has been pretty busy driving back and forth all over the place.  The members we live with came back from their Utah road trip so i have been able to get to know them better.  School started for their kids this week, so our studies are a lot quieter; blessings. 

Sister Randall is a professional hair stylist so i'm getting a free haircut from her today.  Really happy to lose 5 pounds of frustrating, long hair so i quit having headaches while we are out teaching people all day.  I made her a really cute stuffed pony out of fleece and yarn in return.  the best i can do!

We got to visit with President and Sister Jensen at our interviews last week during District Meeting in Clinton, Iowa.  It was really good to see both of them again.  They really do become your parents away from home even though we don't get to see them too often since they have a lot of missionaries to take care of. 

I just found out that Lee and Ruth Robertson (my aunt and uncle) were at Nauvoo the other day looking for me, but i haven't been there in 3 weeks!  Barely missed them!  I didn't get to see anyone i knew at Pageant during July when i was working there. 

Sister Robertson

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