Monday, July 28, 2014

July 8th letter from Burlington, Iowa and the Nauvoo Pageant

We spent all of Monday down in Nauvoo being trained to be site missionaries for the Pageant that starts tonight.  They are doing two pageants this year, the traditional one and a British pageant story.  We found out yesterday that we are going to be on stage for the final songs at the end of the British Pageant every Wednesday night, including tomorrow!  All the missionaries are really excited about this, but I'd rather hide then be standing in front of a gazillion people I don't know singing a song and smiling.  Those are 3 things I don't like to do, but I'll be up there regardless!  yay!

We're going to be spending a lot of time on the road driving back and forth between Burlington and Nauvoo this month.  We are allowed to take new converts, less actives and any investigators to the pageant even on the nights we aren't already down there working.  July is going to be a bit crazy.  I'll let you know if I make it to August and then I might be packing up and driving to transfer meeting in Iowa City.  By August I'll have been in Burlington 6 months and for sisters that's where they usually cap you off at, plus sister Boone has to have a transfer or two to train a new sister here in Burlington before she goes home from the mission in October. 
Had a fun fourth of July walking around all sorts of street farmer markets and craft show street fairs and parades handing out pass along cards and Nauvoo Pageant fliers.  Met lots of people and had a lot of fun.   We go to a farmer market every Thursday in Burlington and there is a lady named Lyndsey who has alpacas and makes yarn out of the wool and sells them.  She has a strong testimony of God.  The sister missionaries in Macomb, Illinois are teaching her now and one day when I'm not on my mission we talked about being seller buddies.  We meet some of the coolest people with some of the most random, non-coincidental, happenstances.  When you're a missionary this happens all the time and it is really special.  God is preparing people and bringing them in the path of His missionaries.

Still working with a lot of people, no baptism dates for July yet, but we have a few we are trying to work with and help.  A bunch of them are out of town on summer road trips.

The Mississippi river is also super flooded. a lot of roads are closed along the river, but most of Burlington is up a lot higher than the river so we're ok. We just have to drive the long way around the river to get to Nauvoo now.  
To all my family:  I am SO sad i will miss all the family reunions this summer. I will miss you all a lot and I'll be up there next summer with lots of stories to tell :)

Sister Robertson

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