Monday, July 28, 2014

2014 TONS of PICTURES from Burlington, Iowa and Nauvoo, Illinois

Hiking on our P-day with the Irvines last week.
On P-day last week....did I say I love bikes?!? Yay!
The garden I helped grow and weed the last 4 months at Caroline's ranch, Burlington, Iowa.

A funny carrot that I pulled out of the ground that looks like Barbie legs.
Jojo's grumpy face while we pulled those weeds in the garden.
The Mount Pleasant church building surrounded by tall corn fields. White, already to harvest!
The Fort Madison bridge at sunset on the drive to the Nauvoo Pageant last Friday.
Ok, going left to right:  Hermana Jacobson, Hermana Te'o, Elder Moyle, Elder Gunter, Elder & Sister Robison, ME and Sister Boone.

Funny pictures of Nita and her daughter, Ana, at the pageant.

Sister Boone was making a really funny serious backing-the-cart face. She got to push.
Me and my BEST FRIEND EVER!!!! Hilary Gentry at the Nauvoo Pageant.
Hilary Gentry being silly at the pageant.
The Thola family pulling the handcart at the country fair in Nauvoo, Illinois.
Me and all the missionaries on the stage of the new British Pageant. It's at the end and we're singing "Called to Serve." (I am on the right side with the dark shirt and light skirt)
The point in the show when we were all transfigured on stage!!, just kidding.

A picture from the pageant stage of the Nauvoo Temple.

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