Monday, July 28, 2014

2014 July 28 last letter from Burlington, Iowa area

Got a phone call from President Jensen over an hour ago.  He said "sister Robertson, Start packing up all your worldly possessions! Sister Boone you'll be training a new sister in Burlington North area."  And the packing and saying goodbyes begins the next three days.  Transfer meeting is in Iowa City, Iowa on Thursday morning.  I am really excited to see what God has in store for me in my next area but I will always miss Burlington and all the people I served with and got the chance to become friends with.  I will miss them SO MUCH!

I was so blessed this past week.  We were able to go to the Nauvoo Pageant and British Pageants over 4 times, all of which Sister Gentry was able to get a bunch of people we knew over there to watch it.  Including the Nita and her two daughters, Zeke (all multiple times!) and we drove down with the Thola family too (a part member family we are teaching).  We also had the chance this past Saturday to attend the temple. 

I will most likely be transferred away from the Mississippi  and Nauvoo.  I was so blessed to get to serve in this SACRED ground.   I hope I don't go too far away!  Everyday we experience so many miracles.  It blows my mind how actively involved God is with His missionaries down to the subtle details and with all of those who covenant with Him and serve him with all their might, mind and strength.  You will learn to recognize the little things, by actually DOING the little things that God asks you to do.  You do a little, He gives you a even more back. 

I should have more to write, but I have been so scatter brained and SO TIRED!!!! Especially with driving to and from Pageant all last week and worrying about transfers.  I will let you know where I go as soon as next Monday.  Thanks for all your prayers.  I have definitely felt the help and received the strength I needed.

one thing that is great!  I completely got through 6.5 months in Burlington without giving a talk in Sacrament meeting!  woo hoo!  But I'm probably going to get it when I get to my new area.
Sister Robertson

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