Monday, July 28, 2014

2014 July 21 letter from Burlington, Iowa

***Transfers are next week so if you mail me anything between now and then please send it to the mission home address just in case I do get transferred so I can get my mail, thanks!
1815 Douglas Avenue Suite #19
Urbandale, IOWA


This past week has been so exhausting and so busy that both me and Sister Boone crashed during our study break on Sunday cause we could barely stay awake anymore.  Surprise, this week is going to be a LOT WORSE cause we have plans to go to pageant with people almost everyday this week, but it is going to be so good!

Even just helped Sister Irvine invite someone to church and the Pageant that she sold a piece of furniture too earlier this afternoon.  The work is definitely hastening and if you think life is boring and nothing is happening it's because you're hiding in your hole and you should go out and DO SOMETHING!

We were down in Nauvoo doing missionary work until pageant started and I started talking to this really young couple from BYU Provo.  Soon found out that the girl grew up in the Cedar Park ward in Austin, Texas right near where my parents live still today.  Her name is Laura VanWagonen (not sure of spelling).  I'm pretty sure that my parents knew her, but we were too little at the time to know each other. 

Sister Boone has around 200 cousins all over the country so we have run into atleast a half dozen or so in Nauvoo that are just visiting or working in the show.  They're all over the place!  Sure makes Sister Boone happy.

We had lots of miracles this past week including finding a lost dog, teaching a lady that knocked on our own apartment door and meeting lots of new people.  Been spending way too much time driving back and forth everywhere.  That's what missionary work is like when your area is HUGE and there are so many people to keep track of, not including the 65 mile round trip to Nauvoo most nights.

Sister Boone just found out on her email that Lyndsey, a return missionary as of 2 weeks ago who was working with us here in Burlington with some investigators, is now her sisters roommate at BYU Idaho just a few days after she left!  The world is full of crazy connections, especially within the church.  Things aren't coincidence and happen for a reason.

the Irvine's, our member neighbors, took us to a big park down by the river and we just spent the last 3 or 4 hours hiking and biking.  I was in HEAVEN!  They bought more bikes so we could go with them.  Such nice people.  i really miss biking and that was the first time I had biked since before my mission.  Kind of weird hearing that missionaries don't bike, huh?  We're really busy all day long everyday, but we're actually pretty lazy and eat too much.

This week is going to be really busy with lots of good things happening.  I will let you know how it goes next Monday!  Hope you enjoy all the pictures.
Sister Robertson

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