Tuesday, July 29, 2014

2014 July 16th letter home with experiences Chelsie wanted to share

Yesterday we had 2 huge miracles happen that I thought I would tell you now in case I forget by Monday. Sister Leeks was out of town and her dog-sitter trashed the house and abandoned the cats and dogs upstairs for two days so she called us to go save them. Let me tell you --that was the messiest, dog-poop filled house. We put the dogs in the yard for a few hours and we came back and Shiloh, the mini schnauzer, had escaped! I felt really terrible about losing her dog all night. We said lots of prayers and yesterday we found him safe and sound at the animal shelter! God definitely answered our prayers. I was so relieved when we found Shiloh!

A second miracle happened during our dinner hour. Our appointment fell through so we were eating at home when our doorbell rang. There was a mom holding a wine bottle looking for a corkscrew. She said she doesn't know why she wanted to drink it cause she normally doesn't --well God did it so she would come over and find us. We ended up teacher her about the restoration on our door step and gave her a pamphlet and a Book of Mormon. She wants to know more and wants us to meet her family too. The cool thing is that we are not allowed to know in our own apartments so she came to us. Pretty incredible. God makes it so those who are prepared and willing bump paths with us. Happens every day almost.

Sometimes the same people again and again that we met once and are trying to get a hold of, for example, we go to a farmers market every Thursday to find people and a lady named Kara found us! We have been trying to meet with her all week and nothing has happened yet. Yesterday I accidentally drove down the wrong road downtown and I saw her walking and I waved her down and pulled over and talked for a minute. Stuff happens like this all the time as a missionary and that's because this church is true and God is using us as tools to find people. It is not just an ironic series of coincidences at all. It is most definitely on purpose. Thought you would enjoy those stories. :-)

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