Monday, July 28, 2014

2014 July 14 letter from Burlington, Iowa--and Nauvoo

This past week has been really busy, but really good. 
We got another investigator named Kimmie.  She is a 15 year old BFF of a member of the ward and she says, "i really want to be Mormon."  Wow,  that's exactly what missionaries LOVE to hear!  We're going to start teaching her soon.

We also were able to go work at the Nauvoo pageant twice this past week.  Wednesday we stayed for the whole show and the missionaries get free concession stand food for dinner (awesome!).  As full-time missionaries we got to line up on the sides of the audience and line up and walk on stage singing called to serve really loud holding a Book of Mormon.  It was such a memorable experience that I will never forget.  When we started marching through the audience people started hooting and cheering and clapping so much louder for the missionaries!  One of Sister Boone's neighbors back home in Ycon, Idaho got a good picture of us on stage, but we are currently waiting to get that picture.  Might take a while.

At Pageant, proselyting missionaries from the Iowa Des Moines Mission who live an hour or less drive away from Nauvoo get to work the pageant grounds and do missionary work from 6 until 8:30 when the pageant starts.  We hand out fliers, pamphlets and talk to as many people as possible and hopefully get referrals.
Saturday's pageant show had a really bad thunderstorm move through and cancel the show.  The thunder and lightning and rain were pretty intense and the sky was pitch black before the sun even set.  Elder Bankhead and Elder Aston had brought 2 investigators who were sorely disappointed when it was cancelled but hopefully we'll get them back out there this Thursday.  We'll see.

Zeke, our recent convert, has been doing very well.  She decided to take a leap of faith and pay her tithing with 10 out of the 15 dollars she had left for food last month and she immediately was able to find a new apartment that was literally half the price and they will hire her as a security worker a few hours a month for extra 50 dollars!  She also has a lot of other huge financial blessings coming her way too.  JUST BECAUSE SHE PAID 10 DOLLARS.  pay your tithing, you can't afford to NOT PAY IT.  Zeke has also been receiving a lot of personal revelation from the Spirit and it's really cool to see just how happy and excited she gets to tell everyone at church about it.  I love that lady.  She says that she is my "other mother."  Sister Woodbury has been writing a lot to her as well since she left.
Zeke keeps having to hug me in lieu of Sister Woodbury.  haha, cute!

One of the Elder's investigators, Brett, (we passed him over to the Elders recently) who  is engaged to be married to a member of the ward, finally came to church yesterday with her family.  It just happens that his best friend from growing up, Elder Miller serving in the family history center in Nauvoo, was there giving a talk on the importance of being sealed forever in the temple and why the heck would anyone want "'till death do we part."  It was such a perfect setup for sacrament meeting.  Couldn't have been better.

Me and Sister Boone have been working with a lot of people and staying really busy with Pageant going on.  We spend a lot of time away from Burlington which makes it even more busy when we are there.  We are finally getting over the initial new companion awkwardness and starting to become better friends.  She is one of the most obedient, driven and hard working sister missionaries I have met.She leaves her mission at the end of October, so Burlington is her last area, then she is going back to BUY-Idaho for school.

Fill you in next week! A lot is going on.  By the time I email I can't remember half of what happens out here, but i remember that good stuff happened and that's what is important.  Thanks for reading :)

Love you!
Sister Robertson

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