Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 9 2014 letter

This past week we had a lot of incredible experiences.  Zeke, our investigator getting baptized this Saturday, was able to meet President and Sister Jensen yesterday at the church!  It was so neat and Zeke really enjoyed it.  She has the strongest testimony I have ever seen of somewhere who is not currently a member. 

Every week we dump more and more church books on her and she LOVES it and she is retired so she spends her whole week reading them all multiple times over again.  She is mind blowing.  She is making lots of great friends with people in the ward already.  It was to a point where people were coming up to me to ask if they could speak at her baptism and be a part of it. 

Zeke has also invited over 20 non-members, neighbors, friends, friends from other churches, etc. to her baptism.  It's going to be so big they'll have to hold the service in the chapel instead of the Relief Society room! 

For most of you who don't know common missionary fears of bringing investigators to church:  Most of the time I am nervous because you're not sure if they dislike or are upset by anything being said in church so it puts you on edge, but every time I look over at Zeke to make sure she isn't offended she is CRYING!  Wow.  The Spirit has been working so strong on her this past week. 
A long time ago I entered the MTC and got my first missionary name badge and they put fun little stickers on the back.  My first transfer in Hannibal, Missouri I went finding with Sister Despain and when I got to our apartment at the end of the night my badge was gone!  we retraced our steps and looked everywhere we could and I never found it.  I also spent the next 3 months in that area in which nobody ever found it either.  This past week we went to our regular Zone Training meeting in Nauvoo and one of the AP's (Assistants to the President) came over and handed me that SAME EXACT badge that I had lost 8 months ago with the same stickers on the back!  CRAZY stuff happening around here.  I can't begin to imagine the 8 month long adventure that badge has taken to find me again.  God is watching out for even our plastic things if we keep His commandments. lol 

We also spent a large percentage of our time last week moving, cleaning the old and new apartment and packing and unpacking, moving furniture etc.  I am glad that we moved and we are in a really great apartment where we can refocus and feel the Spirit and get back to missionary work.  I am very glad it's over with because we weren't able to do a whole lot of missionary work while that was going down.  That's just life and we did all we could when we could do it. 
We were at our Sunday dinner appointment yesterday and they made us a bunch of spaghetti that we could take home with us.  The mom couldn't find a Tupperware and I told her she could just put it in Ziploc baggies and we could just clip the corner of the bag and squeeze the noodles out later like frosting.  Everyone was cracking up. 
Last Monday (P-day) our District got together (Burlington and Mount Pleasant cities) at the church and played Volleyball and Chair Soccer.  It was a lot of fun.  Today they are coming again but we are going to go to Starr Cave canyon and go hiking and playing in the river.  It will be a lot of fun!  
A week from tonight we will get our "transfer doctrine."  I hope none of us get transferred because we just spent all transfer finding an apartment and we already had to move once.  It would stink to have to move again only 2 weeks apart.

Me and Sister Woodbury have been learning and growing a lot from each other.  We've got it all down.  I'm worried we've gotten to be too good of companions and they'll break us up.  sad!  I'm hoping for the best. 
thanks for all the prayers!  They really do help.  I have been blessed a lot lately and I know that it's coming from those who have been thinking of me. 
My favorite scripture from this morning's studies at the laundromat (yes, i have to go to that wretched place now) is, "be converted and BE HEALED."  Simple, true and powerful. 
Sister Robertson

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