Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 23 2014 letter

This past week has been pretty busy and a lot of change happened.

Sister Woodbury got transferred out back to her first area in Bettendorf (2 hours north on the River from Burlington) on Thursday last week. It was really hard for us to be separated.  We have so much fun being missionaries together, had all our inside jokes and routines. I miss her a LOT.

My new companion is Sister Boone from Idaho Falls.  She comes from an all member family of 16 kids (sheesh) and 40 nieces and nephews. I don't know how she keeps track of them all.  i would honestly give up after the first 10 were born and just start calling them "hey you!"  She is really nice, but not as fun as sister Woodbury.  We're just not friends yet. With mission companions you aren't friends until the end of the first transfer most times.  until then it is just awkward for a while until you get to know each other better. She just left Perry, Iowa where she was companions with Sister Kissner, one of my previous companions too.
Zeke has been staying strong since her baptism and keeps wanting to continue meeting with us. that's been a lot of fun to see her testimony strengthen and talk to her about all the deeper doctrine she has been learning. This weeks project was Revelations.  yikes. It would be great if she wasn't using a non-LDS book to help her understand Revelations along with D&C. Haha, working on that one with her.
This past week has just been super busy with transfers, packing, cleaning, saying goodbyes to people with Sister Woodbury, driving to Iowa City for transfers and introducing a new sister to the Burlington area. Every missionary has different ways of doing things and it can get difficult getting use to a new person's habits, routines and opinions when you are stuck together 24/7.  Lots of stress, very tired, but everything has been going alright.
In July we get to work in Nauvoo at the Pageant on 7 or 8 days of the month. They have us greet and find people to teach while people are coming to watch the Pageant. Something different and exciting to look forward too. We start July 9th.
Stay strong!
Sister Robertson

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