Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16 2014 Letter

Lots going on this past week.  Spent a lot of time helping various ward members in everything from gardening to cleaning and moving and painting etc.  Feels good to be spending a lot of our week simply helping people out! 

Also spent a lot of time meeting with Zeke (Zente Logan)  to get her ready for her baptism on Saturday.  Satan worked really hard against her in the days leading up to her baptism, but her faith and testimony is so strong that she remained rock solid through everything!  

On the day of the baptism at 11:30am, the baptism starting at 1:00pm, me and Sister Woodbury accidentally locked our keys in our apartment and we had left our purses and scriptures in our locked car.  We were worried because we were on our way to fill the font!  Luckily our neighbors are members and they helped us call the Elders to have them setup the church and fill the font, while we walked over to Zeke's house to drive up to the baptism with her with nothing but the clothes on my back and a water bottle.  STRUGGLE BUS (a phrase missionaries say out here) morning.
Zeke's baptism was incredible and everything went perfectly well once it started.All the Nauvoo older sister missionaries that Zeke met the day we visited Nauvoo with over a month ago came to the baptism!  They brought her more books to read.  Zeke was so shocked and happy to see them!  They spent a long time after the baptism taking pictures and talking.  Zeke was incredibly happy and teary-eyed.  Those Nauvoo sisters played a critical role in Zeke's conversion.  She refused to listen to us talk about baptism until after all the Nauvoo sisters had talked to her about it that day.  One lady in her mid-80s, Sister Olson, had even told her she knew Zeke before this life and knew she was going to be baptized.  At the baptism sister Olson came up to me in shock and said that she NEVER says those things to people, but the Spirit had prompted her to say it. 

This past week has been very busy, but incredible to witness the baptism of Zeke.  She is excited to prepare to do baptisms, genealogy and eventually go through the temple in a year.   Definitely will be an experience I will remember forever and the Nauvoo sisters will remember and tell stories about her too.  They don't get to witness the whole conversion and baptism of those they meet in Nauvoo very often, so I know it meant a lot to them.

Took lots of pictures!  Check 'em out!  I know I got fatter... currently trying to get the motivation to fix that. lol.  The mission makes that pretty difficult, since you have to eat everything people cook for you and most of what we do, we do while sitting. lol.

Sister Robertson

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