Monday, June 2, 2014

2 June 2014 letter from Burlington, IA

A lot of great stuff has been happening this past week in Burlington. 
First of all, we set a baptism date for Zeke on Saturday, June 14th.  She has finished reading (more like studying) the Book of Mormon as of Yesterday.  She is the most converted, solid investigator I have ever heard of.  Her old church and Catholic friends are already anti-ing her for doing it and telling her false information about "the Mormons."  She has such a strong conversion that she put them in their place and knew what they were telling her wasn't true.  We love her and we are excited for her baptism in 2 Saturdays!

Our other investigator Brandi has been doing great and hopefully we will be able to set a baptism date with her soon once she moves out of her old house.  Ally and her 2 year old Gabriel surprised us and walked all the way to the church on Sunday!  We were so excited to see her there.  It's been hard to get her to go, but seeing that she chose to come and made the effort to get there made us so happy for her!  Knowing God and that He loves us is a huge truth that can motivate us to change and do what is right.

We got to go to Nauvoo for Sarah Buck's first time going through the temple before leaving on her Mission.  It was a neat experience.  Reminded me of when I first went through and how it felt.  Definitely hit up the local diner and the Fudge Factory next door afterwards.  yumm! 

Happy to announce that after LOTS of annoying, painful, endless searching we finally found an apartment to move into this week!  I will have a new address (I'll put it at the end of this letter).  They also just remodeled the apartment and painted the walls a pretty light brown with brand new carpet being installed as I am writing this now.  It will feel great to be in a nice clean, quiet place where we can re-focus and feel the Spirit.  We have been so blessed.  All our furniture is also been sent, via truck and trailer, to our apartment at noon today!  It will be fun to organize it and move all our stuff in.   Missionaries are super spoiled, that's all I can say.  Outside the mission it won't be this easy anymore.  Lived it up while I can!

Those are definitely the highlights of our week in Burlington.  More to come of course. 

Sister Robertson

New Address:
651 E Mount Pleasant St
West Burlington, Iowa

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