Monday, May 12, 2014


Our p-day excursion to Geode State Park near Burlington, Iowa with the Elders.

Sister Woodbury at the river in Geode Stake Park with one of the Elders who also serve in Burlington, Iowa.
Did you know that Chelsie loves to draw deer?!?
The Elders and Sister Woodbury

Sister Woodbury and Sister Chelsie Robertson...
Chelsie would be the one to notice a snake. Yikes!
Friends and companions --Sister Woodbury & Chelsie
The horse and carriage rides in Nauvoo. Of course, Chelsie LOVES the horses.

Sister Woodbury with our investigator Zeke touring Nauvoo, Illinois.
Sister Woodbury with the horse & carriage in Nauvoo.

Visiting some of the historic sites in Nauvoo Illinois. That is Sister Woodbury up in front.

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  1. You take beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing those and for sharing your experiences. We love and miss you!