Monday, May 5, 2014

5 May 2014 letter from Burlington, Iowa

This past week we drove down to Keokuk and went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leader companionship down there.  Keokuk is right on the river across from Nauvoo.  It's pretty small, but really packed with people.
Thursday me and Sister Alston went to eat Lunch with the Trane family.  They built a huge private school outside of their house.  They talked to us during dinner about all the archaeological finds that his brother came across in Iowa that prove the book of Mormon to be true.  He showed us pictures his brother sent him on his iPhone. These included ancient Mayan-looking ceramic jaguars, ancient Egyptian carved ceramic plates, metal weapons and armor and other colorful ceramic tools.  It was super cool!
After dinner we went to visit an investigator on her farm.  They had goats, dogs, cats, and way too many parrots.  While Sister Alston tried to teach the daughter, the drunk Grandpa came in the room yelling at her about what he knew of God and Jesus Christ and I stood up and sassed him and reprimanded him for drinking too much in front of everyone while teaching him about God all at the same time.  It was intense but funny all at the same time.  The Grandpa eventually started listening to me and agreeing with me.  The family now approves of the missionaries coming over cause they thought I was hilarious.  When missionaries go on exchanges, Miracles happen.
The sisters in Keokuk recently moved into an apartment that would cost 1200 dollars a month, but it's being provided by a member for free.  It is exactly across the river from the front of the Nauvoo temple and right next to a train track.  It was the nicest missionary apartment i have ever seen.  just slightly jealous.   At night you can look at the window and see all of Nauvoo lit up.
We find out late tonight if sister Woodbury and I are staying together or getting split up.  We want to stay together and it's been requested by all our leaders and our Mission President, but we'll see what God has planned.  the next 10 hours are going to be difficult, waiting to see what happens.

Took lots of fun pictures this past week, so enjoy them :)  I even got to pet a pony!
Sister Robertson

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