Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2014 May Pictures from Iowa

May 23-24 2014 Zone Conference in Davenport Iowa Stake Center

At the Zone Conference in Davenport all our mission cars are lined up for inspections by Elder Shelley. Ours is the gray Ford Fusion on the front end of the line.
A local bike race held in Burlington, Iowa on Saturday.

The bike race goes up a hill that looks a lot like Lombard Street in San Francisco only it is on a smaller scale.

[Chelsie longs to ride her bike after watching this race.]
The ranch of the McVey family outside of Burlington. 

These Morel mushrooms the McVey family hunts for on their property. 

Cooking up the morel mushrooms. Yum!

Sister Woodbury and I got some flowers a member of our bishopric picked for us yesterday after dinner.

We were playing Dungeons and Dragons with some members on our P-day yesterday.

Kittens from the McVey ranch. They are so cute!!

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