Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2014 May Pictures from Iowa

May 23-24 2014 Zone Conference in Davenport Iowa Stake Center

At the Zone Conference in Davenport all our mission cars are lined up for inspections by Elder Shelley. Ours is the gray Ford Fusion on the front end of the line.
A local bike race held in Burlington, Iowa on Saturday.

The bike race goes up a hill that looks a lot like Lombard Street in San Francisco only it is on a smaller scale.

[Chelsie longs to ride her bike after watching this race.]
The ranch of the McVey family outside of Burlington. 

These Morel mushrooms the McVey family hunts for on their property. 

Cooking up the morel mushrooms. Yum!

Sister Woodbury and I got some flowers a member of our bishopric picked for us yesterday after dinner.

We were playing Dungeons and Dragons with some members on our P-day yesterday.

Kittens from the McVey ranch. They are so cute!!

26 May 2014 letter

This past week, on Friday, we took a 2 hour road trip north to Davenport (up the river) to attend Zone Conference. if you don't know what Zone Conference is. It's a lot of missionaries meeting together to receive new rules and instructions, talks from our mission president, lunch is provided (we had taco salad and ice cream) and it goes from 9am to 4pm. After the meeting we ate dinner in Davenport at Red Robin and ate ice cream at Whitey's (famous ice cream fast food place). It was a fun day.

Saturday we helped the Burlington Museum with their water bottle stand on the sidelines of the Snake Alley roadbike Criterium. We only got to stay for the youth races, senior races and the beginning of the women's race. There were lots of people there and we got to introduce ourselves a little bit to this nice lady from Davenport that likes to bike too. it was a lot of fun! Made me miss biking like crazy!

After the bike race we went to go have lunch at a members ranch way out in the country. They had been Morel mushroom hunting before we arrived and showed us a 12 foot long mushroom they found and they fried it up for us to eat. that was the best mushroom I have ever eaten. They go for 20 dollars per pound too.

Update on Zeke. She came to church again and she loved it and is telling everybody there that she is 100% certain she is joining the church. We are so happy for her. It's really neat to watch someone else be converted to the gospel themselves. We just gave her the book and invited her and she's doing all the work herself. It's incredible! We got a new bishop on Sunday because our current one is moving to American Fork, Utah in a few weeks, so Zeke got to see the old and new Bishopric members bare their testimonies. After the sacrament meeting, Zeke turned her head slowly towards us with the most astonished, jaw-dropped expression and she said she never knew it was possible for men to cry that much. She said that she has never seen anything else in the world like that. It's because the CHURCH IS TRUE and these men hold the holy Priesthood of God and it shows.

We played some nerdy dungeons and dragons game with some members of the ward for our P-day for a few hours. it was so weird and silly! I'll probably never play that again, but it was fun to do once.

Our friend Sarah, she's 19 and just received her mission call to California Rancho Cucamonga, is going through the temple Friday morning and we got permission to go with her. yay! So excited for her.

It has been a great week. We've been very busy and have had a lot of good things happening. Me and Sister Woodbury love being companions and have a lot of fun doing the work together.

We've already been companions for 4 months and more to come.

Sister Robertson

Monday, May 19, 2014

2014 May 19 PICTURES!!

We went to Buck's for Sunday dinner. They scared us and said we would be served Octopus and this is what they brought out. lol!

Bryce and Taylor's baptism on Saturday. Technically the elders taught the boys so they're in the pictures and not us.

Bryce and Taylor's family and the missionaries who taught them.The sister reactivated one sister who then brought her sister and her two sons back to church. A missionary miracle!

19 May 2014 letter

Spending a lot of time this past week looking for a new apartment to live in.  I thought being a missionary was busy, but it's even worse when you have to find an apartment on top of that!  We don't get a whole lot done.

Last Friday we drove to Nauvoo for our Zone Training Meeting and ate at Grandpa John's Cafe afterwards and went to the Fudge Factory next door, yumm!  Drove back to Burlington and then got a ride back to the temple that night with the Rowe family from the ward.  I love going to the temple.  The peace and comfort felt there was very much needed the past few weeks.

Bryce and Taylor were baptized on Saturday morning!  We reactivated a young mother 2 months ago and because of this her sister decided to go back to church to sit with her and bring her two sons, Bryce and Taylor along.  If me and Sister Woodbury hadn't found her, they wouldn't have been baptized.  It was definitely a miracle!  One of them was even old enough to get the priesthood yesterday after Sacrament meeting! 

Zeke also went to the Baptism and church and was able to feel the Spirit very strongly at those meetings.  She wants to be baptized now!  I am so happy for her.  We knocked on her door and gave her a book of Mormon and she has done all the other work.  God doesn't help those who don't help themselves first.  She converted herself and we supported her through it.  When she is baptized it will be my first baptism through our own finding efforts on my mission.  Zeke calls us her "Ladies."  lol. She's cute.

Those were our miracles for this past week!  lots of hard things and lots of good things happening everyday, but it is definitely worth it to see people change and gain a testimony of the Truth.

Sister Robertson

Monday, May 12, 2014


Our p-day excursion to Geode State Park near Burlington, Iowa with the Elders.

Sister Woodbury at the river in Geode Stake Park with one of the Elders who also serve in Burlington, Iowa.
Did you know that Chelsie loves to draw deer?!?
The Elders and Sister Woodbury

Sister Woodbury and Sister Chelsie Robertson...
Chelsie would be the one to notice a snake. Yikes!
Friends and companions --Sister Woodbury & Chelsie
The horse and carriage rides in Nauvoo. Of course, Chelsie LOVES the horses.

Sister Woodbury with our investigator Zeke touring Nauvoo, Illinois.
Sister Woodbury with the horse & carriage in Nauvoo.

Visiting some of the historic sites in Nauvoo Illinois. That is Sister Woodbury up in front.

Happy Mother's Day!!

She got to Skype Mom and Dad and big brother Sunday evening. (The lines on the photo are the reflection of the mini blinds)

12 May 2014 letter from Burlington, IA

Last Monday we found out that me and Sister Woodbury are both serving in Burlington for the next 6 weeks.  I am so grateful that she wasn't transferred.There is so much going on here that I need her help with. 

For P-day we went to Geode State Park with the Elders and went hiking through muddy marshlands in the middle of the lake hunting for turtles.  The turtles were too smart I guess.  We found a cool water snake and tons of frogs and birds, but no turtles.

We also found out that we have to find a new place to live because our time living with the members has apparently expired and we are no longer welcome.  We are spending a lot of time searching for apartments and still trying to do missionary work.  It is definitely a hard balance.
Zeke, our 65 year old investigator, drove us all the way to Nauvoo last Thursday to spend the day being tourists.  We went for a carriage ride where they tell you some church history stories, had lunch at Grandpa John's Cafe (so good!), walked around a bunch of the historical sites in town.  It was fun.  All the missionaries Zeke came in contact with, and informed that she wasn't a member, tried to convince her to be baptized.  Some even told her they would travel from far away just to attend her baptism and wanted to be her friend.  It was nice letting other missionaries do more of the bold convincing talk for us.  We hope she will accept a baptism date soon. 
Our Jehovah Witness investigator Brandi showed up at church yesterday!  We were so excited and she was so nervous that she was shaking!  That girl is so stinking brave.  I am so proud of her.  We love her so much.  She is 19 on house-arrest except when she is at work, so it is very difficult for her to go against her family and show up to church.  She is amazing and she knows what is right and knows how to follow the Spirit.
I really enjoyed skyping my parents and my brother last night for Mother's Day. It was nice to talk to them and hear how they are doing in person instead of through letters and emails.  Sad I couldn't Skype more of my family and friends!  It's the thought that counts, right?  I miss and love you all!
Sister Robertson

Monday, May 5, 2014

2014 May 5 PICTURES!!!

Mission companions Sister Woodbury --from San Antonio--and Sister Robertson from Austin, Texas

Me and my moss plant I found outside. (Did I say I love nature and all things outdoors?)

Love seeing the horses in Keokuk, Iowa doing exchanges with Sister Pratt. She just couldn't resist them.

Our BBQ on Sunday with members at Perkins Park, Burlington, Iowa
Dinner is served!!
More BBQ pictures from Burlington, Iowa

Silly Sister missionary faces --Sis Woodbury & Sis Robertson in Burlington, Iowa
Sister Woodbury and Sister Robertson at play. Enjoying spring in Iowa now that the snow has melted.

Sister Woodbury and Sister Robertson

5 May 2014 letter from Burlington, Iowa

This past week we drove down to Keokuk and went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leader companionship down there.  Keokuk is right on the river across from Nauvoo.  It's pretty small, but really packed with people.
Thursday me and Sister Alston went to eat Lunch with the Trane family.  They built a huge private school outside of their house.  They talked to us during dinner about all the archaeological finds that his brother came across in Iowa that prove the book of Mormon to be true.  He showed us pictures his brother sent him on his iPhone. These included ancient Mayan-looking ceramic jaguars, ancient Egyptian carved ceramic plates, metal weapons and armor and other colorful ceramic tools.  It was super cool!
After dinner we went to visit an investigator on her farm.  They had goats, dogs, cats, and way too many parrots.  While Sister Alston tried to teach the daughter, the drunk Grandpa came in the room yelling at her about what he knew of God and Jesus Christ and I stood up and sassed him and reprimanded him for drinking too much in front of everyone while teaching him about God all at the same time.  It was intense but funny all at the same time.  The Grandpa eventually started listening to me and agreeing with me.  The family now approves of the missionaries coming over cause they thought I was hilarious.  When missionaries go on exchanges, Miracles happen.
The sisters in Keokuk recently moved into an apartment that would cost 1200 dollars a month, but it's being provided by a member for free.  It is exactly across the river from the front of the Nauvoo temple and right next to a train track.  It was the nicest missionary apartment i have ever seen.  just slightly jealous.   At night you can look at the window and see all of Nauvoo lit up.
We find out late tonight if sister Woodbury and I are staying together or getting split up.  We want to stay together and it's been requested by all our leaders and our Mission President, but we'll see what God has planned.  the next 10 hours are going to be difficult, waiting to see what happens.

Took lots of fun pictures this past week, so enjoy them :)  I even got to pet a pony!
Sister Robertson