Monday, April 7, 2014

7 April 2014 letter from Burlington, Iowa

Last Monday we found a fun hike just a mile or two from our church building that goes to Starr Caves.  The cave is closed, but we enjoyed playing in the river and hiking up and down the river bank rocks and found some other smaller caves to climb up to and take pictures.
We found a great horned owl nest with the mom and two babies and got to take pictures as well.  The baby owl was about as big as my head and was nested in the side of a cliff in a little open faced cave. Cute!
Went to Nauvoo again for our first Zone meeting this transfer and we got to go see the grave site of Joseph Smith just to find out that it's not really where Joseph Smith is buried anyways and it isn't owned by the church.  It is owned by the RLDS church who also owns huge portions of old Nauvoo town.
We really enjoyed conference this weekend and we watched it broadcasted at our church building in Burlington with a few other people.  Most just stay home in their pajamas and watch it on their computers and TVs.  Conference weekend as a missionary is nice, because conference is so time consuming that you don't have to spend as much time working as you do sitting.  I'm guilty and I enjoy that about it just as much as I enjoy the actual messages. 
I liked Elder Hollands talk the most.  He spoke about how members of this church will be persecuted in this world and this time because they are members.  As a missionary you get noticed a lot by people around the city and it isn't necessarily in a good way, most of the time.  Every time we walk into Wal-mart we hear people say, "them Mormons just walked into the store!" out loud so that everyone looks at us.  We do our best to ignore them and stay happy and not get involved with it.  But it is true.  Members of the church get bad connotations all over the world.  Joseph Smith is still being talked about as if he was a wicked cult leader.  Rumors are so bad that lots of people actually believe that the rumors are true and base their judgements and decisions off of it.  If anything we need to help people around us understand what we truly are and what we believe so that we can combat the rumors and prejudices.
There must be opposition in all things or God would cease to be God, because there would be no distinction between good and evil, right or wrong, light or dark.
The Truth faces more opposition than anything in this world and when we choose to follow the Truth we will encounter stronger forces of opposition because Satan doesn't want us to choose God.  He wants you to fail and be miserable forever, so keep fighting and do the right thing.
Don't procrastinate, do something about it NOW. Just pick something you need to do, something you need to change, or a covenant you need to make and JUST DO IT.  I promise that it is easier than you think and more worth it than you can imagine.  You're not alone in this, God is always with you.  With God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.  He is real and  I LIE NOT.

Stay strong!
Sister Robertson

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