Monday, April 14, 2014

14 April 2014 letter from Burlington, Iowa

Spring time has hit Iowa this past week, but today it is snowing again. 
Went on a hike to Starr Caves again last Monday and we got to see some Eagles flying around and skip rocks on the river.   Got to work on a member's farm last weekend, plowing dirt for her crops and watching her animals.  Me and Sister Woodbury are just slightly jealous of the farm setup there and like to pretend that we live there when we go help out every week or two. lol

We found a few new investigators to teach as well and we are keeping pretty busy with those and the rest of the potential investigators we have either found or been referred to.  

One thing I can bare my testimony of this past week is that Missionaries are super blessed.  We are people magnets.  Every random place we decide to go last minute, or previously decided, we meet up with people we didn't intend on running into.There are so many non-coincidental experiences.  We end up in the right times in all the right places so often that we get to the point where it starts to get strange!  But they are little miracles. 

I started spacing out during the beginning of Sacrament Meeting at church yesterday when I heard my name in the background.  Everyone was looking at me cause Bishop Snow had just asked me to come up and give a talk/testimony on the spot.  My leg had fallen asleep so I was limping up there and almost tripped a few times.  I don't really remember what I said, but apparently it made Sister Woodbury cry. huh?  ha ha ha!

Me and Sister Woodbury went to the library this past week and watched the Priesthood Session of General Conference on the computers.  It was incredible and if you haven't watched it... well, go watch it.
There are lots of signs of the times and we all need to get on board, start doing what we need to so that we are prepared. I promise that the Prophet and the Apostles Lie Not.  What they say is TRUE.  Please be ready!

My favorite part is how they mentioned the number of Temples in just one year will be 170.... that's 28 more than we have in 2014, right now.  That is insane how many more will be built in 2015.  

Temples are incredibly important and the closest to God that we can be.  Get a recommend and go!  I promise it will be worth it and you can be at peace despite what is going on in the world.
Sister Robertson

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