Monday, March 31, 2014

31 March 2014 letter from Burlington, Iowa

This past week has been crazy.  Lots of fun things happened.

So to start off, sister Woodbury did not get transferred so she's stuck with me in Burlington for the next while.  I'm really happy about that too.  We get along well and have fun together.

On Tuesday afternoon we went to Nauvoo to do a temple session and we ended up getting there an hour before it started so i got to do Sealings for the first time.  That was really neat.  I found a painting in the temple that is of a super green forest with a big pine tree with a baby fawn sleeping under it outside the sealing room.  It was adorable.
One morning this week we were studying in the Rackham's house when all of a sudden we heard men yelling and screaming at someone right in the back of the house.  We looked out the door and there was a whole squad of cop cars and cops on foot chasing this half-naked crazy woman who was hiding in the side of the house by the door that goes to our basement bedroom.  So glad it was locked that morning.  We were kind of weirded out and it took a while before we left the house that morning.

Friday night we were invited to help with the Museum, Heritage Center, exhibit opening.  They invited members and artifact and money donors only and provided lots of alcohol and snacks to the guests.  We spent more time talking to drunk people who had stinky breath about the Church and Nauvoo than we did talking about the exhibits.   One crazy lady said that she was visiting Nauvoo for a few days and she couldn't find a single person in town who would tell her where she could buy a new pair of underwear all assuming she was LDS. lol.  Funny.

On Saturday we had District meeting with our new district which comprises of Burlington and Mount Pleasant.  They white-washed the missionaries in mount pleasant and so they're all new. [white-washed means they put all new missionaries into the area]

I found out at our meeting that Hannibal, Missouri mission area was completely shut down and all the missionaries were removed.  Crazy!  They said that President Jensen would re-open the area in a few months but with a senior missionary couple. 

Saturday the Cavazos invited us to their family reunion Cookout with REAL Mexican fajitas and beans and we also went on a short hike along some cliffs by the river.  Today me and Sister Woodbury are going to go exploring Stark's cave --down the road from our church.  It's just a short hike to some small caves.  It should be a fun little adventure! I am so excited that it's warming up and we can be outside more.  I even got to bottle feed a calf this past week on a member's farm.  It was cute and slobbery.

Sister Robertson

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