Monday, March 3, 2014

3 March 2014 Letter

It has been 10 or more below zero the last week or so with wind chill temperature.  So cold!  We get texts just about every day from the mission office telling everyone to stay in doors and only drive to scheduled appointments and walking/knocking doors is prohibited.  Definitely grateful they do that cause it's dangerous out there. Everyone keeps saying spring is coming but i don't believe them.  I'm guessing April it will start to warm up.  We got at least another 6 inches of snow over this past weekend too.  Our church meeting was later at 4pm so people had time to go scoop the church parking lot and sidewalks out of the snow.
This past week we taught around 15 lessons despite the cold weather.  We have a few investigators.  One is Aly, a young mother with 2 little cute babies, Lexi, a girl who lives upstairs in Aly's house who LOVES reading the illustrated Book of Mormon book with us so much that she wanted to read the entire thing the other night, Shawn, a friend/gym buddy of a ward member who is searching for the true church and Brett, a member's boyfriend who is a little curious about learning more.  We don't have any baptismal dates right now, but we are so lucky to have these people to focus on and to teach. 
Every night we read the Book of Mormon over the phone with my favorite member, Nita.  She has a goal of reading the entire book this year and we are enjoying reading with her so we can learn the meaning of each verse, even the confusing ones. 

One thing i love about being a missionary is not teaching people directly, but helping and encouraging them to be self-motivated and to find out for themselves what their goals are and how they're going to achieve them and then step out of their way once they've figured it out.  creating spiritual Entrepreneurs i guess you could say.   Everyone of us has to have our own testimony and our own faith and will power to ACT and not wait to be acted upon.  I love it when we see people we teach take action and start learning on their own by their own choice.  It is a lot more affective and lasts a lot longer than anything we can do for them.  Same goes for everyone else in this world.  As awesome as some people are we can't live through life borrowing other peoples' thunder.  And the amazing thing is that we all have the power and potential to become a great person through the Gospel and overcome all weaknesses and shortcomings.

The Sister Training leaders from Keokuk, Iowa (same STL i had in Hannibal) came to do an exchange with me and sister Woodbury last Tuesday and we found a lot of potential investigators to start teaching.  On Friday we drove to Nauvoo for Zone conference.  I finally got to drive a car again!  It was a really good conference and president Jensen spent the last hour and a half on the law of chastity.  It was great.
Other than that it has been a really cold and busy week.
Sister Robertson

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