Lots of good things happened this past week in Burlington. 
We have been able to meet with most of our investigators.  It helped most of them to watch the Restoration video more than it did to sit and talk to them about it over and over again.  Something great about watching a movie that makes it stick in our heads a lot better.
We were teaching the Cavazos family last week and the mom's sister decided to sit down and get involved in the lesson too!  She shared an amazing experience with an angel that she had had earlier in her life, where the angel, in her words, was the same exact description as when Joseph Smith had seen the angel Moroni appear to him in his room.  She had so many people tell her she was crazy and making it up, but we knew she had seen an angel and that touched her heart.  We left her with a book of Mormon and told her about the Testimony of Joseph smith in the front that talks about the angel he saw so she can read about it.  She doesn't live in Burlington and so she requested to have us call and refer other missionaries to come and teach her more.  So cool to be a part of these people's learning experience in the Gospel and watching them make their own connections.
On Thursday night we got special permission to drive our car down to Nauvoo to clean.  Me and Sister Woodbury were assigned to vacuum all the top floors of the temple that included all the sealing and ordinance rooms.  Almost felt sacrilegious turning on a noisy vacuum in the Celestial room.  Had a wonderful time learning new things from the other workers and enjoying how pretty that temple is.
We get to go back to Nauvoo to do an endowment session at noon tomorrow with Elder and Sister Robison (older couple missionaries in Mount Pleasant).
Yesterday Elder Bankhead and Elder Barger had a baptism at our church building for Kwanez.  It went really well and lots of people attended including his aunt and family that helped him along the way.
Sister Woodbury was having a bad day so i came up with a fun quote to make her laugh and it worked and now I'll share it with all of you:

"You're not always going to be the one who gets to pick the fruit off of the tree, sometimes you get to be the one who puts the poop at the bottom."
I find out later tonight if i get to keep sister Woodbury or get a new companion on Thursday at transfer meetings in Iowa City.  I really hope Sister Woodbury gets to stay because we have a lot of fun doing missionary work together and laugh a lot. We'll see....
Sister Robertson