Monday, February 17, 2014

17 Feb 2014 Letter

Last week i got word by phone that i would be finally transferred out of Hannibal, Missouri after 4 months.  I was having a rough time there so it was good news, but i still cried cause i would miss Hannibal so much.  Got to spend the next two days before transfers saying goodbye and packing up.   First area is always the one you remember and love the most. 
Went to transfer meeting in Iowa City on Thursday morning and got paired up with Sister Acacia Woodbury in the Burlington, Iowa North area.  We live with members and they are extremely nice people and have built an apartment room specifically for missionaries in their basement.  They plan on housing them there for a long time i guess.  I get to sleep on a bunk bed, yay and our floor has a heater under it too, so you're feet don't get cold.  They also have 2 cats named Tuck and Fierro.  They're a lot of fun. 
Sister Woodbury is from San Antonio, Texas, but her family hasn't lived there very long.  Only 2 years before her mission and they are moving to Germany sometime this year.  I will try teaching her some German she can use when she gets off her mission.  Sister Woodbury went to BYU before and is 20 years old.  We get along like best buds and agree on almost everything and enjoy quiet crafty time on p-day.  I love it. 
God was definitely watching out for me when He paired us up.  I needed a change and got the best situation i could have asked for.

Burlington has about 28,000 people in it and is a part of the Nauvoo Stake.  So I'm still in the same stake as Hannibal and will still see them at Stake Conference in April.  I'll be going to Nauvoo for all our Zone meetings and stake meetings.  Hope i'll get to go to the temple again as well.
If you look at a map, Burlington is just 3 hours or so north on the Mississippi River from Hannibal, but in Iowa.  Very similar looking old river town, but immensely larger.  I'm use to being in a small area where you get to know every street and every member of the church, but i couldn't possibly get to that point here, it's too big.
That's my update from the past week.  Here's my favorite joke a member told me this past week in Burlington: 
What's the hottest farm animals?  Brown Chicken Brown Cow! (as in: bow chika bow wow).  haha.  Laugh, it's funny.
Keep laughing
Sister Robertson

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