Monday, February 10, 2014

10 February 2014 letter

The past week here in Missouri has been very cold and very snowy.  Some point during every day it is 5 degrees or more below zero and it snowed over a foot total last week.  Spent a lot of time grounded to our apartment by the mission president's request.  Too cold to be outside for extended periods of time or just too much snow to walk in.  Everyone in the Branch says that this winter is abnormally worse and it's usually not this bad in Hannibal.  I don't mind it.  I love winter and i love snow :)  We were grounded from last sunday until thursday and half of saturday. 
I've been spending all my time inside reading scriptures and really digging into deeper doctrine and have recieved so many new insights that blow my mind.  The more you read the more knowledge and truth you find and it alters your perspective of existence.
I have finished reading the Old Testament and am a third of the way through the New testament.  My goal is to finish the Bible, the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great price and Jesus the Christ (Talmage) before the end of the Summer.
We got two new investigators to church yesterday, Brian and Neva. They seemed to enjoy it and we'll keep working with them.  The elders will be teaching Brian now. 
It's Sister Kissner's birthday tomorrow so we are going to the Nauvoo temple with Sister Sherwood and then out for dinner!  I am so excited that I even get to go to the temple.  It is only an hour and 20 minutes north to get to Nauvoo from Hannibal.
One thing that makes Hannibal extremely difficult to be a missionary is that Hannibal is a town that has more half-way houses and homes for people who are sick or struggling with addictions than anywhere else in Missouri.  Missouri dedicated Hannibal for all these people to move here for help in the last few decades.  Everyone that are receptive to being taught is questionable accountability wise.  Makes it difficult to strengthen the Branch.  The Elders have nick-named it the Hanni-hole.  People in the Hannibal Branch are all very strong members and I admire what they are willing to do to help keep this Branch going.
Transfer calls are going out today.  Hannibal missionaries don't get their calls until 10:30 or later at night so we have to wait all day to know what is going to happen.  Everyone in the branch thinks i'm leaving because i have been here the longest, but i don't think I am leaving quite yet for some reason.  I'll find out tonight what is happening.  You'll know where I am next monday in my email, so don't send me anything but emails this week just in case i move.
Love you all!  Happy V-day!
Sister Robertson

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