Monday, January 6, 2014

JAN 6th PICTURES --with some pictures from Nov & Dec added

Chelsie's artwork: A birthday present for Sister Despain in Nov 2013

Sister Missionaries on their way to the Nauvoo Temple -Dec 2013. Sister Robertson and Sister Despain and the sisters from Quincy, IL.

Sister Chelsie Robertson (in purple hat) with the horse drawn carriage horse in Nauvoo, Illinois in December 2013. It was the Nauvoo Winter Festival.

Some buffalo I found on a ranch west of Hannibal. I love them.

Sister Robertson and Sister Despain with Sister heading to South America after getting her Visa squared away.

Sister Robertson & Despain with a member's two daughters.

Sister Despain, Katia, and Sister Robertson at Katia's baptism Nov 2013

Sister Despain on left and Chelsie on the Right. Did I say they live in Mark Twain country? Nov 2013
Chelsie's newest companion, Sister Kissner from Idaho Falls.

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