Wednesday, January 22, 2014

21 January Pictures!

Sister Kissner and Sister Robertson on P-day

Making faces at Zone P-day in Quincy, Illinois on MLK holiday.

Sister Chelsie Robertson

21 January 2014 letter

Dear everyone,
Sorry it has been a long time since i have written a good letter to you all.  Things have been really busy and very repetitive and very stressful for me.  Not enough sleep and a lot of work and other stresses.  Last week we had a really good Zone training meeting and i was able to teach a 20 minute long training at our District Meeting in Quincy a few days later.  I did so well teaching.  I wasn't nervous at all, had some really good points to go over and was able to lay it down.  Most confident i have ever been before in my life in front of people.  I am able to discern people's needs a lot better and teach stronger.  And yet I am still in the beginning of this adventure. 
Elder Coy and Elder Hoskins, in Hannibal,  had a baptism last saturday that went really well.  Robert was baptized and confirmed and will be receiving the Aaronic Priesthood this coming Sunday and he is so happy and excited.  Cool to see another baptism in Hannibal.  It is really hard to find people to teach in Hannibal and who are willing to act in Faith and change their lives and give up their vices. 
In my studies I have been able to learn so much.  I was getting frustrated that i was trying to teach and apply what i know of the Book of Mormon to what is in the Bible.  People we teach know the Bible and i felt i needed to have a better knowledge, so i started reading it.  I am over 900 pages into the Bible now and almost done with the old testament.  I have learned so much and enjoy reading all the foot notes, especially all the footnotes that link the Bible to the Book of Mormon.  It has strengthened my testimony so much.  The Bible teaches so much about the Restoration, Jesus Christ, the nature and personality of God and what we need to do to prepare.  
I am currently reading in Isaiah.  His writings are incredibly powerful in predicting the future.  What he wrote was so important that it's not only quoted in the New Testament by the 12 apostles, but also by Nephi in the book of Mormon.  Even though his writings are a bit confusing, the footnotes and the book of Mormon clarify it.  The scriptures are the key to our spiritual protection and building our testimonies.  Helps me stay more of a consistent person spiritually than I'm use to. 
Yesterday we had a Zone P-day in Quincy, Illinois.  We played an intense game of trash ball for over 3 hours long.  it was the first time in a while that I've been able to get a really good amount of exercise.  Everyone in the Zone was super sore this morning.  We had interviews with President Jensen in Quincy again this morning.  President and Sister Jensen are such loving and patient people.  I love being able to serve with them.  They have a gift of humility and being able to listen and help us.  They are wonderful.  Wish i could see them more than 2 times in the last 3 months.
I know I'm not able to write everything down i've experienced the last few weeks.  Hope everyone is doing well back in the real world.
love you!
Sister Robertson

Monday, January 6, 2014

JAN 6th PICTURES --with some pictures from Nov & Dec added

Chelsie's artwork: A birthday present for Sister Despain in Nov 2013

Sister Missionaries on their way to the Nauvoo Temple -Dec 2013. Sister Robertson and Sister Despain and the sisters from Quincy, IL.

Sister Chelsie Robertson (in purple hat) with the horse drawn carriage horse in Nauvoo, Illinois in December 2013. It was the Nauvoo Winter Festival.

Some buffalo I found on a ranch west of Hannibal. I love them.

Sister Robertson and Sister Despain with Sister heading to South America after getting her Visa squared away.

Sister Robertson & Despain with a member's two daughters.

Sister Despain, Katia, and Sister Robertson at Katia's baptism Nov 2013

Sister Despain on left and Chelsie on the Right. Did I say they live in Mark Twain country? Nov 2013
Chelsie's newest companion, Sister Kissner from Idaho Falls.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

30 Dec 2013 Letter

I actually have P-day on Wednesday this week, but we are suppose to email our mission president every Monday so we go do email for an hour on Monday regardless on when our P-day is scheduled.  I've been waiting for that package, but oh well.  We are currently waiting for our transfer calls right now.  We could get them any time today, but we haven't heard yet.  We have heard a lot of predictions that I'm staying and Sis Despain is leaving, but we have no idea until we get the call.

Not a whole lot to report on in Hannibal, MO this past week.  Christmas was a lot of fun and I was glad that I was able to talk with all of you (family) and enjoyed visiting with members and eating good food and re-gifting all 30 pounds of cookies and junk food we got around to our less actives and investigators.  For some reason people think that we are starving in Hannibal... hardly. 
We had fun visiting the Basford's for dinner yesterday after church.  They are both so much fun and silly.  They have lived in Hannibal their whole lives and know so much about it.  There house is beautiful and fully restored from when it was built in the 1800s.  They use to be railroad conductors too.  Sis Basford had once trapped a bunch of foxes just so she could make a fur coat for herself to dress up in.  She let me take a picture wearing it. lol. 
It hasn't snowed or stormed in a while and the weather has been decent for walking around town and getting things done.  I wish i could tell you all where I am going to next or if i'm staying.  I'll let you know when i know, but it might not be in an email.
love you all,
Sister Robertson


Sister Chelsie Robertson and Sister Kelsey Despain. She is my first companion in the mission field. Transfers are coming the first week of January. We'll see where I end up next week.

Our missionary Christmas tree.

The family Skyping with Sister Robertson on Christmas Day. Something every family with a missionary looks forward to.

Chelsie modeling Sis. Basford's fur coat. lol.