Sunday, December 1, 2013

25 Nov 2013 letter

Hi Family and Friends,

This past week was really busy and eventful. Katia was baptized and confirmed on Thursday and we all went to Golden Corral for dinner after. We had district meeting in Hannibal, discussed our investigators and played a fun get to know you game and at Togue's for lunch. They have the BEST fried chicken fingers in the world.  Interesting fact about Hannibal:  Did you know that Hannibal has more than 120 different churches in it and the population is less than 18,000 people? It's true, we found a list of them in a newspaper in our mailbox. There is a Jehovah's witness (aka "the holy rollers") church down the street from our apartment.

Yesterday some awesome members fed us "lunch," but it turned out to be their 7 pies resulted from attempts to make vegan Thanksgiving pies the week before Thanksgiving. LOL. Funny, but yummy. I saw some cleaned out dead dear hanging from a tree in somebody's yard yesterday. LOL. Taken advantage of the cold air after hunting I guess.

Me and Sister Despain taught Primary Singing Time at church yesterday. We had a Turkey named Gilbert and had the kids pin the feathers on him throughout the game. It was cute. One girl said she was thankful for butts out loud. So cute! Other than that we've been busy meeting with people. Lots of eating. Sometimes we end up eating at restaurants twice a day. Rough! just kidding. We had a fireside for the Youth last night in Quincy, Illinois about how to prepare for a mission. It was very good and social.

I'm excited for Thanksgiving with the R family! It will be yummy and good company.

Love you all, & Happy Thanksgiving!
Sister Robertson

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