Monday, December 23, 2013


Missionary companions--Sister Chelsie Robertson and Sister Kelsey Despain,
Hannibal Missouri December 2013

This is a picture of a snowflake at the library with Yoda cut into it. Impressive, most impressive.

23 Dec 2013 letter

Merry Christmas!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful Holiday season.  Never forget to remember our savior Jesus Christ this time of year (or anytime of year).  It has been very cold in hannibal.  They don't have a problem with a lot of snow as much as they have problems with Ice, so sometimes the mission will ground all the trucks and cars and we have to stay home, walk, or get rides with members of the Branch.  We manage. 

Church was a little low in numbers and a lot of members have been coming out and saying that they're moving this next year.  So many that i wonder if the Branch will get shut down cause then there won't be enough people living here to keep it going.  this is also the last week of this transfer period and me and Sister Despain won't find out until next tuesday which one of us is staying or leaving.  I won't be able to tell any of you what happens until the first monday of January where I end up.  I enjoy it here in Hannibal, but wouldn't mind going on to a new place and getting to meet all new people.

This past week was really slow and we lost all but one or two of our investigators for various reasons, but the work goes on and there are always other people out there who are being prepared to recieve the Gospel into their lives and are looking for the truth.  We don't stumble over losses or hard situations, you just pick up and go find someone else. 

One of my favorate quotes that i heard this past week, in District Meeting, says, "the pain of sacrifice lasts only one moment...It is the fear of the pain of sacrifice that makes you hesistate to do it."  Having Faith and making sacrifices and changes in our lives can be one of the most difficult and scary things to do if we let it seem that way.  Remember that it is all in your head if you think you can't go another day or can't accomplish a certain goal.  If you think you can, you will.  If you think you can't, you won't.  Because we are God's literal children, we have divine power to be able to conquer and overcome all trials and shortcomings in this life and in all eternity just like Him, but we cannot reach that without His help.  Never forget where you come from and who you are!

Merry Christmas everyone!  Love you!

Have fun watching all my favorite Christmas movies without me.

Sister Robertson 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


A picture of our Chevy Colorado in the snow.
Decorated more Christmas sugar cookies at Sister Edwards!

Brother Ledford on his John Deer tractor at 90 years old! So funny!

Picture of me down by the frozen Mississippi River, Hannibal Missouri.

Sunset picture from our Zone Conference in Nauvoo last week.
Zone Conference in Nauvoo Illinois last week.

16 Dec 2013 letter

Merry Christmas!
I am doing well.  It just dumped snow here in Hannibal.  It sure made it a lot prettier than it originally was.  I love the snow. 
That's really cool that the family history center was on TV.  Wow, so cool!  Mom, are Aaron and Jaime coming to austin for christmas this year?  I was just wondering so i could send my present for them straight to home address or their cody address instead.   I will be skyping you all sometime Christmas day, but we haven't verified with members an exact time and place yet, but i will let you know next monday when it's closer to Christmas.  It will be fun to see everyone at home.  Will everyone be there?
This past week was really great.  We knocked on a door and a 13 year old girl named Carlee came out and was extremely enthusiastic about being taught and wants to be baptized.  We found out later that she could have been baptized already, but the elders who had found her before lost her information and didn't tell us about her so we could go teach her in October.  It is amazing that the Lord has prepared her and still led us to her door so she wouldn't miss out on hearing the Gospel and having the opportunity to be baptized.  She came to the Christmas Activity saturday night and made instant friends with all the young women and some of them even knew her at the Middle School!  She's going to the Youth dance with them in Quincy this Wednesday and she loved Church and was soaking up everything we told her.  We taught her on sunday with the 11 year old class about Temples and temple marriage and she said "I want to get married in that temple cause i know that i won't be happy unless i do!"  Wow, she is a bundle of miracles and she smiles all the time. Love this girl.
Last week we had a Nauvoo Missionary Conference all day at the Nauvoo stake center.  It was really good and they fed us a Thanksgiving-like fancy Lunch.  We all performed funny missionary skits and we made fun of the District for ours.  People laughed so hard!  Then our Mission President surprised us and let all of us watch Ephraim's Rescue in the Gym on a big screen!  Such a good movie.  Then they gave us all little christmas presents to take home.  We also found out that Sister Harkness finally got her Visa to Argentina after 7 or 8 months and Sister Deleu is headed back to Temple Square.  They're my favorite sisters ever and we will miss them so much.  So glad i got to meet such wonderful new friends.  I think that meeting people and forming friendships is the best part about serving a mission other than having such a strong testimony of the Gospel and getting fed really yummy food of course.
Me and Sister Despain sang 2 short songs at the Branch Christmas party and i had to give a talk on sunday.  it has been a busy past week, but the time seems to fly by.  I feel like every day is the next monday again and i can't hardly remember what i just did all week long.  Hope all of you are enjoying the Christmas season and having fun watching Elf without me!
I miss that movie so much!  and the Grinch.
Talk to you next week!
Sister Robertson

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A special trip to Nauvoo, Illinois from Hannibal, Missouri

Chelsie got to attend the beautiful and historic
Nauvoo Temple at Christmas time

Sister Chelsie Robertson in Nauvoo, Illinois

Sister Chelsie Robertson and Sister Todd from Hannibal, Missouri
visiting Nauvoo, Illinois for Christmas

Sister Robertson and friends
Chelsie thought this was a funny billboard in Quincy, Illinois on their way to Nauvoo.
She felt it was their way of advertising to the "rednecks" in the area.

Happy Birthday Chelsie!!

Happy 26th Birthday Chelsie!!

9 Dec 2013 letter

Happy snow-days everyone!

This past week was eventful and busy.  It finally snowed here in Hannibal and it's so pretty.  I missed snow so much!  I got a ton of birthday hugs and more food than i ever needed.  Then on Friday a member, Sister Todd, drove four of us Quincy Zone sisters to Nauvoo to do a session at the temple.  When we were there, Br. Ledford, a 90 year old sweetheart of a grandpa surprised us and was there at the temple! We were so happy to see him there.  He's our little buddy in Hannibal now.  We helped him write christmas cards and wrap presents for family and setup christmas decorations too.  Sister Todd's friends fed us sandwhiches and home-made applesauce after the temple and then we went to the Old Nauvoo visitors center to listen to a live christmas music program and the tree-lighting ceremony.  After they had Belgian draft horse-drawn carriages outside to take everyone to different locations to have hot cider, cocoa and other deserts.  Everyone was singing christmas music to distract themselves from the cold.  My feet were hurting so bad from the cold that it took them 3 or 4 hours to stop hurting afterwards.  It was a really fun evening and we all sung christmas songs driving back to Quincy and Hannibal.
We were able to get some less actives members to church on sunday and really enjoyed being able to visit with all of them.  The Iowa Des Moines Mission has a goal right now to have 550 baptisms by the end of the Year and we just found out that we need 100 more baptisms to meet the goal and there are over 108 baptisms scheduled this month!  That is so many people!  One of our other investigators on saturday told us she has lung cancer, it is so sad, but she's been smoking a lot for a really long time.  We try to help her understand why she needs to quit, but all she could say to us was "you're addicted to church!"  haha.  I am so grateful that I am not addicted to anything bad, just good things that aren't harmful to my body.   I am grateful that the word of wisdom is there to help us to be healthy and our best selves and not just a bunch of dumb rules that are restrictive.  We don't have any baptismal dates for this month yet, but we're praying that one of our investigators will commit to a date after christmas.  Faith in 550! (our mission moto).

 Love you all!

Merry Christmas :)

Friday, December 6, 2013


Sister Chelsie Robertson and Sister Kelsey Despain out on a walk Thanksgiving morning in Hannibal, MO 2013.

"These are some creepy olden day cabin things we pass on the road on the way to Palmyra. We hypothesize what they were used for cause they're pretty creepy huts."

Sunday, December 1, 2013

25 Nov 2013 letter

Hi Family and Friends,

This past week was really busy and eventful. Katia was baptized and confirmed on Thursday and we all went to Golden Corral for dinner after. We had district meeting in Hannibal, discussed our investigators and played a fun get to know you game and at Togue's for lunch. They have the BEST fried chicken fingers in the world.  Interesting fact about Hannibal:  Did you know that Hannibal has more than 120 different churches in it and the population is less than 18,000 people? It's true, we found a list of them in a newspaper in our mailbox. There is a Jehovah's witness (aka "the holy rollers") church down the street from our apartment.

Yesterday some awesome members fed us "lunch," but it turned out to be their 7 pies resulted from attempts to make vegan Thanksgiving pies the week before Thanksgiving. LOL. Funny, but yummy. I saw some cleaned out dead dear hanging from a tree in somebody's yard yesterday. LOL. Taken advantage of the cold air after hunting I guess.

Me and Sister Despain taught Primary Singing Time at church yesterday. We had a Turkey named Gilbert and had the kids pin the feathers on him throughout the game. It was cute. One girl said she was thankful for butts out loud. So cute! Other than that we've been busy meeting with people. Lots of eating. Sometimes we end up eating at restaurants twice a day. Rough! just kidding. We had a fireside for the Youth last night in Quincy, Illinois about how to prepare for a mission. It was very good and social.

I'm excited for Thanksgiving with the R family! It will be yummy and good company.

Love you all, & Happy Thanksgiving!
Sister Robertson